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Monday, January 30, 2006

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

First I want to thank all of you guys for your kind comments and your tears of JOY! It meant alot to me that everyone was just as excited as me!
I have a lot of ground to cover here so bare with me! Here is my first official "PAnta" and I love it! too bad I had to give it away ;( I have another in the works now!

It is made of Noro Silver thaw... I used about 100 yds and sz 5 needles to make it... you can find the KAL in the side bar.
Here is Boogie, he should have been done last night but I feel asleep! darn it all!

I got A birthday gift already from my friend Jenn! Sock Yarn Porn Galore! Cherry Tree Hill African Grey, magic stipes, and more! She gave me all this plus some red cotton ease that is not shown.

I was reading Sarah's Blog the other day and she talked about making a Tit Bit for a friend... I said that I wanted to make myself one to try and she made it for me! Of course I will not model it for you but here it is, pretty in pink! She also sent some little gifties, and a cute butterfly button....The chocolate didn't last long enough to be photographed :)

Something wonderful has happened to Chris...It's a go for him to donate bone marrow! There is a man somewhere in Europe with lukemia that needs a marrow transplant. I really hope Chris's marrow can save his life! Chris goes in for his physical the 8 th of Feb... and then March 12th and 13th is the extraction! I am very excited!
Check out Wool Windings for a contest! If you make a baby hat and booties and send them to The Preemie Project you can win a prize, How awesome is that? You get to help a family and win something too!
I know there was more I was suppose to say, but I think my brain is fried!
Check out Purls of Hope... I am getting a care package together right now!.....

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Here he is in all his glory! My big 5 year old boy finally SPOKE!
Hillard is a huge Blues Clues fan, b/c he likes basic things: colors and counting.... and he loves repetitve shows.... Last night he was watching his fav. DVD (Shapes and Colors) and the song that Joe sings at the end of the colors episode Hillard sang -a-long word for word. Chris and I were in the kitchen and heard him singing...Our mouths dropped! He was making words, and putting them togther! We were so excited, we waited until he finished before we made a big deal... I am so proud it was so nice to hear what his voice sounds like... He sounds like a deaf person speaking, kind of monotoned and muffled! but he spoke! and i know a lot of autistics have whats called "Video Talk", thats when they just keep repeating what the have heard from T.V. b/c they can't really put words together themselves, BUT HE SPOKE! I heard my childs voice for the first time !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Inquiring Minds want to Know!

Okay, y'all have got to help me out here! My husband and I were sitting on the couch poking fun at one another and he pinched my nose.. At that time I flared my nostrils... My nostrils are pretty stong but his fingers won and I had to breathe through my mouth ;-0 Chris can't "flare" his nostrils at all! So we want to know how many people can and how many people can't... This is a strange poll to take but please answer honestly so we can put this argument to rest. I think I am going to place a bet on this one! Just comment... please answer for as many family members you have in your household.

I have very little progress on Boogie. I was hoping to have him done by Saturday!

Here is another project I am working on (thanks to Brynne) it is called Panta... Look on the right hand side for the KAL link. I am making this out of Noro Silver Thaw for my twin sister... our birthday is on Feb. 4th! eeek, 32 is coming up fast :)

MEME 5 quirks
Martha tagged me for this and i can't think of things right now so I will save it for next post!

Sockapaloooza is here and I signed up! I am so excited to start knitting! yeah!!! Did you see on my right hand tool bar how many KAL's I am signed up for? eeek! I stated my birch Shawl so I posted pictures to the Any Shawl will Do blog if you want to see it!
And I am excited about Pantaand Whats your skein!

MEME! Got tagged by Jenn and Lanie for this one:
4 jobs you have had in your life
First job was at MJDesigns (that's a craft store for all you west coasters)
Assistant Manager at Papyrus
Receptionist at Big Oil and Tire (That's how I met Cath)
The best job in the world.... MOM

4 movies you could watch over & over
Big fat Greek Wedding
Trading Places

4 places you have lived
Lafayette LA
Ocean Spings MA
Blue Lake CA
Houston TX

4 TV shows you love to watch
CSI Miami
According to Jim
Yes Dear

4 places you have been on vacation
Lav Vegas
Disney World

4 websites you visit daily
Yarn shops

4 of your favorite foods
Breakfast items

4 places you would rather be right now
Las Vegas
Lake Tahoe
Yarntopia ;) (amy's & sheyl's store)

4 bloggers you are tagging
Ummm anyone who hasn't done this? everyone I read has done it!

Later you's guys !

Friday, January 20, 2006

New Look, New Knits!

Okay so the knits are not so new, but what do ya think? Missa sent it to me tonight and I couldn't wait to get it up for y'all ;) I was going to change my blog name to Carrot Top Knits...but I have to admit I was going to miss my old reliable name! I am hoping to get the banner a little larger, but I LOVE IT! My favorite is the cute new button.....

On to knits......

This would be the back of Boogie. I casted off the next row and placed remaining stitches on holders. I have already casted on for the front. This has been the quickest knit ever, and I am loving it :) Speaking of quick knits could you just die? Waterlily...From IK Spring 2006.

It is made with Colinette Giotto, and it is pricey stuff! Guess I will be looking for a trade off from someone in the UK for knitpicks ;) Or hit ebay like a bad girl!
I am dutifully making my Picovoli for the sexy knitters club, and I like the pattern...It keeps me busy. Here is progress yesterday..

You can see on the instruction page my technically advanced way of counting rows... I am making this with Jaeger Trinity. It was hard to work with at first but now I love the stuff! My friend Jenn told me she had a Jaeger booklet of patterns for Aqua and Trinity summer patterns, yep gotta get that too :)
I got my International Scarf Exch. scarf in, and I love it! Can't take a pic b/c it will wake the kiddos and DH but here is a link to her blog and the pic she took...the model is her son ChandlerThank You MANDY!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Has it been over a week?

Where has the time gone? I have been working on Boogie and Picovoli so much that I have lost track of time :) I have been blogging too..Where? you might ask... I have set up a shawl blog for everyone who loves shawls! Please check it out and join if you have ever made a shawl, plan to make a shawl, or just like looking at them! I know a few of you personally that have some shawls to show off, so join and begin posting!
I have also started sign ups for a third needle exchange! please go here to check it out and sign up... You can also find links to these blogs on the right hand side tool bar.
I am so excited sockapolooza starts again next Tuesday! I can't wait to sign up...I wasn't in the last two, but am excited to join the third one!
My new look is still in the works and I hope to be unveiling it this week!

I promise a FO and some great pics of WIP's in the next post. I have an idea of the things I want to accomplish this year ... here are some ideas... the first two were added thanks to the knitting nyxxie!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Chevron Rib Tank....was suppose to do that last summer!
and...all the stuff you see to the right! think I can do it? HA! yeah right!
Of course I have to use the Socks that Rock yarn I just got ;)
Take it easy everyone!

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Day We Lost Boobie!

Yep, thats right folks, we nearly lost Boobie FOREVER! I met Trudy (MIL) to walk around Hershey Park for exc.....Well, Boobie the Blanket came, as always, but this time he didn't make it back to the starting point...Now keep in mind this is a 35 to 40 min. walk and it crushed me to think I was going to have to back track ASAP to find the beloved blanket.... I started on the trail again by myself asking passerbyers if they had seen a babies blanket..The people had all seen it and told me it was by the Eldridge bridge...THE HALF WAY POINT! I couldn't make it anymore, I was gonna pass out..Luck has it and angel was sent (a park cop on bicycle) and i asked him to retrieve Boobie (he had seen it before and new where it was)... Mommy and the Cop saved the day! I am strapping that think down next time ;)

Knitting news... I am 10" from finishing my scarf pals scarf... and I casted on for Jen's Boogie. Remember we are doing a KAL but we are making the Boggies for each other :) I want to start Picivoli this week I am just waiting on my needles...And Birch will be casted on this week if it's the last thing I do!

Thanks for all of y'alls support for my blog change, it will be soon. Ihaven't decided if I want to change the name for sure... It will be a surprise!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Time for a change?

Okay guys I need your help! I am getting a little punchy and think I need a new look...What do you think? The Redhead Can Knit? good name? bad name...? Should I just stay the same as Knittin Notes? I am going to place an order with Missa at Moonarts.com for another banner and button, she did such a great job with these. I need to give her an official tiile to work with........Please comment with your honest opinion!  If you have another suggestion please mention it... I celebrated my first yarniversary this past Saturday and want a fresh look for 2006...

Thanks for y'alls support!       Catherine

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lace, Yarn, Shawls Oh My!

Here it is! This scarf is for my scarf pla...I am so excited b/c I used lace pattern repeats from my new book to create something a little original! I am using llavod's silky wook and it is nice stuff.  I like working with it...It slides a lot on my aluminim needles, but lets face it everything slide on those puppies!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I went to a yarn sale at my LYS and picked up some DK weight yarn in pink. Whats that I see? Socks that rock from Blue Moom Fiber Arts! Yep! My friend Martha went to Chicago for Christmas and made sure to make a trip to "The Fold".... Here is Farmhous and Watermelon Tormiline. My sister found a good find on ebay, Noro angora yarn called silver thaw, very pretty!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Here it is! what ya'll have been waiting on the Sequined Shawl... It was suppose to be the desire poncho fron Viva Poncho, but didn't have the yardage so i folded the corners and made a big shrug/shawl thingy... The important thing is carm loves it :)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I had a great pal for the ornamental exchange!  I haven't formerly thanked her yet...sorry! she is http://noeysmommyknits.blogspot.com... she sent the boys gifts too, and the package came on christmas eve! We waited until christmas moring to open the nice wrapped gifts! THANK YOU!!!!!! These are such cute christmas balls!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Well folks I am officially back on the internet. I spent about 2 hours checking blogs and catching up! So hopefully everything is back to normal :)