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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Check List

Bloglines (Check)
I actually got a chance to read some of my favorite blogs! I swear I saw a pig flying outside my window ;) I've missed out on so much....When things get busy around here my beloved hobby of blog reading gos straight down the tubes! Click here for Stitch n Pitch phots! Amylovie has them up on her blog.
Hillard (check)
Hillard starts school tomm. morning and I'm thrilled that he gets the chance to start a new school. we met his teacher and saw his classroom on Thursday, everything seems perfect. Lets cross out fingers for a successful school year.

Potty training gets serious this week, the pull ups are getting "lost". Maybe I can use his new obsession of "touching the eggs" as a form of reward? He thinks all eggs have a baby something inside so he cradles them. He wants to check on the eggs at least 4 times a day. We're going to have to get him a pet soon, I just know it!

Knitting (check)
My two WIP's Lelah Top, by Boozehags (rowan calmer).... And Nordic Lights, Wrap Style(DB Cashmerino Aran). I knew you'd wanna see those floats too ;)

I am close to finishing both of them, the only thing stopping me is the recent business growth. Look below for some serious yarn porn!

Yarn Porn (check)
Mama Llama now has Seacell yarns! Wooo Hooo. I am very excited to be bringing these new additions to the luxury line and hope people love it as much as I do.

That's about half of my list of things to do.... Trust me you don't want to know the rest!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Internet Phone Rules

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I am slowly getting use to my new look and I have used many hair accessories too ;) I actually saw the woman who cut my hair in the grocery store last week and i avoided her like the plague! I'm a terrible liar and she would have seen right through me!

My siter has been in Brazil for 3 weeks now and I am missing her so much.... The boys miss her and her family too. They got internet phone , so we talk daily for an hour or so.. Wooo Hooo gotta love technology! She has a family website with videos and slideshows of her new dwelling and site seeing... its really neat! here is the link, go check it out.... and turn up the volume.... Her voice and mine are identical ;)http://web.mac.com/thegreatcarmie/iWeb/Site/Welcome.html

I'd like to thank Hillards Teachers from last year for going to the trouble of finding my blog and then commenting. WOW! I will make sure to talk about him more to keep ya'll updated. Hes had an awesome summer.... he is singing "Life is a highway" from Cars... Or "I like ot move it" from Madagascar... And his favorite family game is when we all play hide and go seek together after dinner... We all love that!

Sorry this post isn't super funny or interesting, but I'm finishing up UFO's and working on Orders.... Just wanted to check in with you guys :)

take care....and watch that Gulf!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


I have few regrets in my life..... Not finishing my Climatology Degree, not developing healtier eating habits, and THIS! Let me intoduce you too the "she-Mullet"

lots of tears and hair accessories.... LOTS!

My hair was all the way down my back yesterday.... now I got "Layers".... my hair is naturally wavy so I am a puffy poddle with a mullet until Christmas!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

And Yet More Socks :)

I got my Sockapalooza 4 Socks yesterday! Big smiles yesterday when my package came in the mail.... The chocolate was melted :( but its in the frezzer! I got lip balm, and green tea mints too! I've already cracked open the balm b/c I'm a chapstick junkie! These socks are Bambbo Regia, and the pattern comes from more sensational socks....Thank you Meg! You can meet my pal here - www.socknitter.blogspot.com

I finsihed up Moms Harry Potter Socks... I ended up dyeing the yarn myself with Mama Llama DK. They turned out so nice and socft... yummy!

Whats in store for my next sock project? Well, my favorite colorway Berkley! This is a new yarn and I am dying to try it out. I even used my new "Knit Design Software" to make a pattern especially for it.

caught up in Ravelry!
I discovered a group in Ravelry that will test knit patterns for designers. I contacted the group with 6 patterns that I have written and all 6 were claimed very quickly by anxious knitters! Wooo Hooo! I plan to mail out all 6 rough drafts and yarns this week. I hope all goes well. I don't know? Could be soon you'll see alot more patterns by Mama Llama!

Big update on My etsy shop: And Free Gift with purchase Tues. Wed. and Thur. of this week!