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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Camera is SO Hateful!

I admit it! The camera has never liked me. Although I think this top looks horrible on film, it is AMAZING in person! Never have I made a better knit! I'm saving this top for Vegas on July 20th. I dare not sweat in it before then ;)

I have a few other "big knit" tanks in the queue for this summer; Zen Colors, Fauve, and Samoa........
I am waiting on sunsilk yarn from Dani at sunshineyarns.com to make the Flutter Scarf for my trip.... I love her mermaid colorway.....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mama Llama Knit Party!

Hi everyone! I would like to celebrate 2 years of fiber goodness with a meal, knitting and friends. I have been posting on ravelry the past couple of days about planning a get together. I want to keep it informal b/c I'm really not sure how many of you are interested in coming!

Here's the Plan:
When: June 28, 2008 5 pm
Where: Email me at mamallamaknits@hotmail.com for location. (privacy reasons)
Why: Mama Llama is 2yrs old, come celebrate with me!
You will be responsible for your own check.... Our waiter is going to hate us ;)

Reserve your goodie bag! There will be a special sock yarn colorway and stitch marker set to celebrate this event that will never be duplicated again! Take advantage of this great price! $12

I will only make as many goodie bags as are reserved....... Make sure you don't miss out and click the paypal button to reserve yours! It will also give me an estimated head count.

I will send out reminder postcards one week prior to the event.
I will be using the address on your paypal account to do so.

Thanks everyone I hope to see you there! I'll bring the camera!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Worth Mention

One Skein Wonder, Rowan Calmer
Juliet, GGH Samoa
6 Balls