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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ummmmm, Yup

I'm actually blogging... Has anyones heart stopped beating from the shock? I'm pretty much shocked that time has flown by so fast!
A President Elect, trip to Brasil, 2 dress sizes and Christmas shopping all taken care of and it seems there is still so much more to accomplish before 2008 comes to a close.
With that said I haven't been able to finish a project in months. A slump all across the board; can I blame the economy?
I am a dyer for a wonderful new club called the Color Co-Op... There are some amazing dyers alongside me.... To be honest I was flabbergasted to be chosen. It is a lot of fun and I plan on joining as member next month. This is the colorway I came up with for the November shipment:

Check out the Ravelry group to see more dyers photos... Here is a link... GO JOIN! Its awesome!

I also have a new Mama Llama colorway named "Granola Girl". Thats what my mom has called me all my life so I figured it was time to name a colorway after myself... I know, its sounds bad huh? The Mama Llama Club is coming to an end for the 2008 year and I'm sad, I might cont. it for 2009, not sure....

Any knits in the works? In a word, NO! But I am doing applique work for a 50th anniversary quilt for my parents. 4 months late!!!!!
I'll ost pics next post.... Yes ther will be a next post very soon.

Hope you guys are well!