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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yes folks, you heard me... It's only been 2 years since my last post, what have I been doing to fill my time? I ran 2 half marathons, read over 60 books and discovered crochet!
I made a promise to myself that I would start posting again at least once a month in 2012. The month is almost over! Wow, life does get in the way.

On to crafting!
Like I said, I've discovered crochet. Last year my niece and her hubby were expecting and while knitting is a passion for me, it takes a toll on my hands. Crocheting is more forgiving, and lets face it, its a quick fix. Crochet uses a ton more yarn than knitting does, but takes half the time to get a finished product. This is one of two granny square blankets I have made this month.... The model is my new Great Niece, Hayden, who safely arrived the week of Thanksgiving.

This is a photograph of the progress on my African Flower blanket. I started this project back last May and hopefully I can have the entire thing done before the year is out. Only 80 more dang flowers to go! The attach them. Yikes!

I've done several other projects. I'm not proud of the photography. The are the two large crochet blankets I have finished. Took the photos with my smartphone.

I found some inspiring blogs along the way:
Attic 24

My sisters blog, rinehartworld.com, is fun to read. She lives half way around the world and writes about their vacations to wonderful places and also living abroad.

The boys are growing like weeds! Can you believe Hillard will start Jr. High next year? Both the boys wear the same shoe size as me, and I give my 7 year old 2 more years before he towers over me!

Okay, I posted in the month of Jan. yeah me!