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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Low Sodium Baby Back Ribs

I love the Sodium Girl blog and I have always wanted to try her Low Sodium ribs called "The Grand Finale!" But, I didn't have all that was required for the recipe so using it as a base I came up with this! By the way I hardly measure anything, sorry. I honestly just kind of wing it when I cook. It drives my friends bonkers.... So this recipe is exactly what I did:

grab a smallish pot and set your burner on a medium heat....
1. Splash some Jack daniles whiskey in there, for about a 3 second count
2. pour some molasses in there for a 3 second count
3. add a HEAPING tablespoonful of Wholesome Raw Organic Fair Trade Honey
4. Add a table spoon or so of Adam's asian spice blend
5. add Red Pepper flakes to spice it up, I added a lot
6. Squeeze a very generous amount of No Salt Heinz Ketchup in there
7. now add about a 3 second or so splash of Orange Juice

Heat it up till boiling sitirring occasionally.... then let cool

While sauce is cooling get you ribs out and pat dry with paper towels . then fit into a oven safe pan deep enough to fit ribs when covered with foil and ribs do not touch foil... like pictured above. i had to cut my rack in half sprinkle garlic powder and dried onions on ribs generously.

Now, Pour your sauce over the ribs gernerously and give it a little massage ;)

Then make sure all of the bottom of the pan has sauce on it, flip your ribs so the meat portion of the ribs will be marinating in the sauce, cover with foil and stick in fridge for 4 hours.

Take ribs out flip the ribs back over and  recover with foil put in a 250 degree oven for 4 hours then remove foil, baste with juices, then put in 300 degree oven uncovered for an hour and it should brown very nicely like mine did. I actually had to turn the heat back down and recover them for another hour b/c we weren't ready to eat them yet. they stayed nicely browned and were delicious and not dry at all from cooking them that extra hour... it might of actually helped.

Okay, that is EXACTLY what I did on Friday for some of the best low sodium ribs I have ever tasted!

I am going to try this sauce recipe with a chuck roast this week for chipped beef sandwiches.


Blogger Sarah said...

Yum! Looks very good.

7:49 AM  

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