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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Project in Progress!

Hello! both photos below were taken just moments ago. Here is the link to this great bag! http://www.jenanne.com/PATTERNfeltedbag.htm
I had mucho trouble at my yarn store finding the tings i needed so I improvised:)

There are other projects i have my eye on already. I am anxoius to work with Alpaca, fingering yarn and DK's. I think a simple project to do after bag is hat for DH, then a "collar" i saw on someone elses blog. Here is the link to the collar. (you have to scroll down a lot)

You can read that she only used ONE BALL, of alpaca for this.

I have no clue what to do about DH's hat. 16" circ won't fit enough stitches in size 8 US. could i get a larger hat by using lighter weight yarn to fit more stitches on the 16"?



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