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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Whoops! My Bad

Friday night was the first time that I have dyed since the surgery.... I may have pushed myself a little too hard, but I have a lot of work to do! Maybe I wasn't paying close attention this time because of "said situation" but apparently there was some undissolved solution at the bottom of one of the pots! half of the batch of Vino came out splotchy! Way too splotchy to send to retailers.... I thought I would offer up the Slightly Irregular Skeins to you guys before I put them up in the Shoppe.

here is a stock photo of the Colorway Vino and below it are the available skeins for sale:
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3 skeins of Mama Llama Original Sock 100% superwash wool 425yds.ea. $11/skein

4 Skeins of Handpainted (jaggerspun) Merino Wool 1250 yds ea. $14/skein

2 skeins of Mama Llama Sock II Wool/Nylon 70/30 400 yds $10/skein

Fine Print: These skeins are non-returnable... They are imperfect but still have full yardages. They are beautiful skeins but not fit to sell for full price by myself or a retailer. Thanks

Want one? Please contact me at catherinekerth AT hotmail DOT com shipping is up to you Priority or regular.... you decide :)

You know that I don't talk about my business too often... I just hate for these to just sit in a dark corner....


Blogger Sarah said...

Don't over do it!!!

Lovely color.

10:43 AM  
Blogger inukshuk71 said...

Catherine, I look forward to receiving my skein of "irregular" yarn. I love irregular socks, so I feel you made it for me :) I've tagged you for a game. Details are on my blog www.stitchintime71.blogspot.com You don't have to participate though if you don't feel like it.

7:18 AM  

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