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Monday, July 28, 2008

Tanks A Lot!

I always seem to luck out with the SP love ;)I apologize for the tardiness of my post. I was on vacation shortly after the AWESOME gift box arrived. Knit Picks, stith markers, hand lotion (that hillard tried to eat)Stitch n' Pitch bag (LA dodgers, Chris is a Giants fan heheheh)..... lots of cool things! favorite colors and scents represented, I couldn't ask or a better delivery!

I can't say too much about my downstream pal, but she has been gone almost all summer long. She's back at home now so I can start spoiling her properly!

I finished this tank July 2..... I wore it while shopping for vacation outfits....NOTE: Do Not wear handknitted items shopping. by the time the day was done it streched 3x's its normal size!

Vacation pics next post!


Blogger Sarah said...

The tank looks really cute!

Have you lost weight?? Looks like it.

6:01 AM  
Blogger amylovie said...

Lovin' the tank. Is that ribbon yarn?


6:31 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hope you had a great time in LV. Lookin' forward to the photos.

5:42 AM  

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