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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Long time!

This is the longest I have gone without posting! I have good reason, lots of knitting has taken place folks! I have a few FO's to share with ya!

Remember when Dani of "knittingsunshine" sent me dye it myself yarn, and I did! And then I made myself socks,, Remember how proud I was? Well, as promised here is the pic of the felted sock! Yes the sock got mixed in the wash and no longer fits my fat foot! I took a pic before I felted the other one to match :)

I have knitted several scarves in the past two weeks and here are some photos of just two that i finished... The novelty scarf is made of "Festival" by Karabella.. and the other is from the same skein of handpainted yarn.com...

Thanksgiving was fun, didn't go exactly as planned... You see part of the reason why I have been gone from the blogging world is I have been nursing my family back from a stomach virus.. boy that thing was nasty, and it tore through everyone! First it was Chris, ME ,and my MIL, my SIL and all the kids.. within 3 days..Then it was my twin sis's family , then on thanksgiving morning I get a call from my dad, mom had it and turkey dinner was canceled :( Now my twins sis's MIL and FIL have it as we speak.. We infected everyone, but my dad.... not to mention both the boys have been out of sorts, turns out they both have double ear infections! This was a crazy holiday ;)
Hillard lost a tooth and now the other is loose! We are so proud of our big guy...Tooth fairy didn't visit, we just don't think he would understand, it would have been for our benefit, not his...When Brandon starts to understand that kind of stuff we will continue the tradition for both the boys! Here are some pics of the loose tooth and brandon smiling purrrty!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Meme & I see a FO!

I have a disclaimer for my comment replies... I don't know how to respond to your comments if you use the blogger... haloscan very kindly sends your email along with your comment so I can answer you :)

Tagged by Jenn:
What is your all-favorite yarn to knit with? I like 1-ply wool the best..I am really not picky, When it comes to yarn I don't discriminate!
Your favorite needles? Addi, Bamboo, Aluminium, Plastic....umm miss anything?
The worst thing you've ever knit? Everything! nothing comes out the way I want it in my minds eye... I am my worst critic!
Your favorite knit pattern? leaf patterns
Most valuable knitting technique? s1 psso, can't do lace without it :)
Best knit book or magazine? Interweave knits, magnits knitty, vogue....
Your favorite knitalong? right now I am doing a KAL with my friend Jenn for Boogie, on knitty.com
Your favorite knitblogs? Oh gees, can i just insert my bloglines? KnitWit momma, Catknits, I hate waiting Yummyyarn,Yea I knit, Knitting Sunshine, Lolly, Knitting lane, Knot w/o my knitting, Knitting nyxxie, knitting w/o needles...thats off the top of my head!
Your favourite knitwear designer? no , fav... i like them all :)
The knit item you wear the most? my socks until my DH felted one of them :( I will post a pick of that disaster nest time.
Who to tag? everyone i just mentioned above!
Here is the FO I promised.. I have no clue what happened to the beginning of it!!! I don't remember making that mistake, but its there, ya can't really miss it..! Needless to say this little number needs to be blocked, and badly! I will get right to it and mail it out:)

Now as I mentioned before Jenn and I are doing our own personal KAL...We are knitting sweater vests (Boogie from knitty.com) for each other...What a treat, this is gonna be fun!

Friday, November 11, 2005


Okay, I have gotten into a blog slump!!!! Shame on me. I got 4 packages in the mail in one day... here are the gifties. A purse from Sassy G, a hank form Handpaintedyarn.com, Noro form ebay (really good price), and last but not least, blue sock yarn for Le Stitch....

And Here are some finished socks! aren't they just so purty? the black one is for my daddy, and the beige is for momma...I have casted on and am doing heels right now for their mates.
Here are is a pic of a scarf i had started last night... as of this morning its almost done.. I will post the FO pic next week...notice it is the yarn from the first pic... from handpaintedyarn.com.. I must admit this is very warm, fuzzy, yummy yarn!
I am still working like the dickens on my sisters sequined shawl for her company's christmas party... I have to get this done by Thanksgiving! eek!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


{Okay the winners were picked randomly and they are:
Me Myself and I
Stricken Madchen
Ladies, the first one to email me at catherinekerth@hotmail.com with address will get the koigu... The other to prizes I will tell you when you write b/c you have a choice..first come first serve :) }

Thank you everyone for writing your stories, I really enjoyed reading all of them and it made me feel better! I wish I had all the yarn in the world to give each of you, y'all really deserve some pampering after reading those stories!

I have very little knitting news.. I started Desiree' from Viva Poncho (thanks SP)for my sister with that beautiful Tillas Tomas yarn she purchased from KPixie.com.... I so desperately want to cast on for birch shawl that Wendysent to me awhile ago... the kidsilk haze is to die for! I have two FO's that I will show off next post:) they are socks, and they don't match :) i will start their mates this week. Christmas presents will be the death of me... anyone else feelin' the crunch?

I am getting a little impatient with my local post office! If you don't send anything to me priority apparently it takes weeks to get to me! Jennput a nice little package together for me and mailed it almost two weeks ago, i have yet to receive it... I ordered Brandon and Hillards halloween costumes from ebay. Hillards was sent priority and got here 3 days after I won the auction. Brandon's just came yeterday... He wasn't superman this year, and I paid for a costume he will never wear :(

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sugar Shock

Aren't they the sweetest group of kids? the ones on the ends are mine..Hillard and Brandon, the bunny and turtle are my twin sisters kiddos Patrick and Thomas, and the cute witch is my niece Hope. Hope is the oldest at 6 yrs... and Carmen and I manage to have kids only 4 months apart..When the older ones were born 4 months apart we thought it was wierd but cute.. when the second ones came, its just creepy :)

In knitting news, I have come a long way and much to show off! I plan to blog on Friday with pics and THE WINNER of the contest....Still time to tell me your story. There have been some dooszies and I am really enjoying reading all of them. I have had trouble responding to them all, but don't worry if your in the comments your entered in the contest:) I have decided to draw a name randomly and i have 1 or 2 other prizes also!