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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All in a Days Work

Yesterday I was really excited to get a little "swap gift" in the mail from Lisa! I swapped cashmere for some Crown Mountain hand spun by Lisa.... Gotta love knitting with yarn spun with love ;)

I couldn't wait to cast on for a slouch hat, or beret. I chose the MarioBeret. It only took me 2 hours to complete!

Another "One Day" knit (I made this last Monday night), The Cashmere Neck Warmer. This pattern knitted up in record time! It feels very soft and cozy, I've worn it twice without blocking it yet!

I am here to let you guys know about a rockin' moisturizer.... I have never met Connie nor do I usually publicly boast about something unless I LOVE IT! I got this beauty gem shopping last Friday in Old Town Spring. We stopped at a great shop that was blowing TON's of bubbles outside its pourch...... I came across a shelf nearly empty of face care products..I have VERY SCARY dry skin and I'm sensitive to many name brands and thought I'd give this a whirl. Its the only moistureizer on earth that doesn't burn my face when I put it on! Plus my skin GLOWS all day long. I've gotten several compliments on how great my skin looks.....

So yup, here is my new affordable beauty secret!

I'm already on the second Trickle Sock. Its going by very fast and the pattern is really easy! Jenn is going to love these little sweaters for her feet when she makes the move to Montana!

I realize this is a pretty weak post.... Nothing deep or exciting. I'm turning 35 in one week! Thats exciting right?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Enabled once again!

We all enjoy Lolly's blog.....Not only does she take truly beautiful photos that capture the beauty of a pattern, but she also has great taste in knits! These caught my eye while catching up on blogs this week.

Francis Revisited- gotta love big gauges that actually flatter!
Lett Lopi Vest- I will be adding sleeves to this knit. Cap sleeves give me the "fat arm affect"

You can bet they will be on the needles with Jenn's B-day Trickle Socks before the weekend is over!

I always have fun with the Mosaic Maker..... Here are a few of my favorites knits and stash yarn.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inentory Sale & Project Updates

Hey all! I posted some Mama Llama Inventory Yarn for Sale HERE

Trickle Socks, STR (whe it came in 200yd skeins) Cotton Candy

Louisa Harding, Fauve

I spent almost 5 hours going through stash,taking photos,updating my ravelry,and writing a hell of a lot of HTML! Everything is mostly updated now...I am working on a Website for my husbands Aunt. She has a small Cafe and I will be spending much of my week writing the menu and such (thank the lord for Microsoft Publisher).

Since my last computer died 3 weeks ago I no longer have my short cuts of FrontPage. GRRRRR
Thats okay, I need to refresh my skillz that kill in HTML ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

De What?

Brandon has a new addiction and to be frank it's starting to worry me.... De Blob... Yup that fun little creature that rises against INKT to paint a city. Haven't heard of this Wii game? OH just ask Brandon he'll spend hours recounting tales of all sorts of heroics. Chris and he have already beaten the game and yet it still draws him in:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good weekend for the New Year

I began my weekend with a quick visit to my local yarn shop Yarntopia. It had occured to me that my "slump" is due to the fact that My beloved addi's (Size 1 40") broke. Yes folks if you love addi's that much, they will break. Needless to say with a fun visit with some friends the purchase was made and I'm trucking now on a very fab pair of socks once again ;)

Chris and I got to visit with some of his families friends. The G's came to town on the way to Mexico. We had a great poker night.... What can I say? Good company, beer, prime rib, and poker! I was in heaven :) I had met Leo (the bigger G) several times before, but I never had the pleasure of meeting Mike (litle G). Great guy and Chris got to have "guy time" with him playing a few sets of tennis on Sunday. Mike gave me a book I can't seem to put down now:

Mike will be traveling for the next few months from Costa Rica, Chile and did I hear him say Antartica too? He will be chronicling his travels on Blogspot. He will be pinpoiting it all on an attached goodle map, go check him out; http://thetravellingg.blogspot.com

On Sunday when they were playing tennis I got two precious hours all to myself, it was really nice just to sit and relax. I made it my mission not to hop up and start cleaning the house....I've got all week to procrastinate on that ;)

I hope to be posting a bit more now that I have some good knits and reads going on!

Have a safe week.