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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Woo Hoo!

Did anyone see the Spring/Summer addition of Knit It yet? Go Look on page 11! I got an email yesterday afternoon from Kpixie informing me. We were so excited we kept emailing each other back and forth.... Wow, I'm in a magazine... It's the small things in life that entertain me...bright shiny objects too ;)

I have a pattern for you guys! trust me its EASY! I made a baby blanket for my friend that had her baby last weekend.

I used Sz 11 needles and Doubled Dreambaby DK from Plymouth. (6 balls)
Cast on 121 stitches
every row: K1,P1

I suggest changing balls on the ends (I learned that the hard way)if not weaving in your ends may look a little inconsistant.

This blanket is 19x36... I would suggest casting on less stitches (101) if you want the blanket more porportionate.

I submitted a cute pattern to Knitty, if they don't take it then I will do a PDF for you guys ;)

Needle Exchange:
I will continue sign ups until Saturday (2/10/07) night then they are closed. Please email me to sign up!

I know, I know! I need to keep up with my favorite blogs....