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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Going Under the Knife!

I would like to say that I'm getting my "boobs done" or getting rid of that thing behind my ear... But, alas the Dr.'s phone consultation came at 6pm tonight... It's gotta come out!

I will be having surgery first thing on Monday April 30th. I know to many of you this is no big deal but I am on a streak! No broken bones or surgeries for me EVER!....Well, until now that is.

I am in an emense amount of pain and have become lovers with my tylenol codine... "Goofy Catherine" has been appearing nightly and if you stay up late enough in this house you get an encore!

I hope all can go well with just Laparascopy... but If the sucker is playing hide and go seek (or has squeezed the life outta my right ovary) I will have to get a laparotomy and stay a few nights in the hospital.... Lets hope for the first senario!!!!!

My church gives casserole meals to families that have surgeries, deaths , and new babies,,,,, hmmmm after paying out of the waaazooo for surgery I could use a free casserole meal :)

TO help pay for this I will be selling some of my stash.... The stuff I purchased in my eailer knitting years.... Koigu, STR, Brooks Farm , Malibrigo, bamboo needles and some addi turbos too... Thanks to my SP10 I have some duplicates...And I LOVE my new Options Set!

Monday, April 23, 2007

No name!

My best friend came in from California last Wed. and left yesterday..... We had a fun packed schedule that didn't quit! Jenn (aka KnitWit Momma) arrived in style late wed...(both of her flights were delayed, but otherwise all was well)! We went shopping and I took her to Yarntopia to show her off too! We had a "ladies night out" and got hit on by men (we kindly gave them the Left-hand Salute and said, "nice to meet you anyway"!) it was a lot of fun hanging out together again.... Sadly enough we didn't find anytime to dye! Oh well, I guess Mama Llama Secrets will have to stay that way ;) We took a picture together she may have it up her blog soon enough.....

So I know I have a lot of work to do (dyeing, Fifi, and so on) but these things caught my eye:

Butterfly Dress

More Stripes

MMMMM, More Cables!

Fifi Update:The last post left you with the delima of Fifi's pattern flaws.... Well, with Jenn's help at yarntopia the other night I found a way to go on with the pattern and make a center panel that is just as beautiful as the original! I'll give you a hint: lacey cables..... ooooo, ahhhhhh!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

SP 10 Strikes

I did a slide show through Photobucket... but it's not posting it for me yet! so I am testing it out... My SP is awesome!
I have always wanted to try knitpicks Options needles... I got an entire set!
my favotite sock pattern book (so far)......
a book The Friday Night Knitting Club, signed TO ME!.....
and a ton of handpainted yarn ... My weakness! one is evenpart cashmere! I'm thinking lacey kertcheif for that one!
I feel so pampered!

I joined Sockapalooza 4! Maybe I can use some of my sock yarn for my pal? Or Keep it all to myself....hehehehe

Fifi by French Girl Update:Yarn is: Rowan Calmer This cabled summer top is going very well, and the pattern keeps you entertained! but there is a problem! big one! The arms decorative center cable comes out fine(correct).. but in the front and back all the cable patterns are alternated... I contacted the designer (sweetheart!) and she assured me that they are fixing it.... I am going to press ahead and just alter the entire bottom portion to fit my needs....

I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone once the corrections have been made :)

Correct Cabled Pattern

Not Correct Cabled Pattern

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yesterday Pigs Flew

Some of you are aware that this month is Autism Awareness month..... So far it has been uneventful for our family we're a "keep to yourself" kind of family anyway.... A few remarkable things have been happening lately and yesterday was the most amazing afternoon!

A few weekends ago we went to an all you can eat crawfish boil (from an generous vendor)and I brought Brandon and left Chris and Hillard home.. When I returened Hillard had spelled many words on the chalk board... including Octopus!It was no surprise when his teacher informed us that he can indeed read, and reads alot at school.... but, its hard to realize all of your childs abilities when he refuses to speak verbally with you.....

Hillard communicated with us, was patient with his needs.... And actively played and engaged in actitvites with us and his BROTHER! All on purpose! He wanted to be apart of the family! It was so nice to have an engaging young man around the house last night!

I know not to expect it, it was a fluke, but one fluke I hope he makes a habit of ;)