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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Her Name is Rio

And she dances on the sand..... You guys remember that song right? My twin sister is moving to Rio de Janerio Brasil in 3 weeks and it s already starting to sink in... Carmen and I are very close (like most twins are) And have rarely been apart from each other... We Got pregnant at the same times, we purchased homes at the same time, we live 15 mins. away from each other.... Its going to be hard....
She went last week to visit her husband and brought back some goodies!

There are Fruit Soaps and Magnents, Shirts for the boys and a Conga... (they use these on the beach instead of towels)
All of this is handmade and beautiful! I want to eat the Fruit Soaps!

All in a Nights Work

Worked on this while watching a movie on Friday night! Got 9" done! didn't realize it was going so fast! Its STR colorway Marbles (looks cool)

Brandons new Blanket... I worked on this Saturday during a class.... Finished over 100 yds! I got it on sale at Yarntopia its Berroco Plush $2 a ball! Cheap! and oooooo so soft!

I will pick a winner for the contest on Saturday night! So if you haven't entered go to the post below to enter your answers!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Contest to Celebrate!

I really needed to post a Thank You to my SP Twistedknitster.blogspot.com for his caring and generosity over the past few months.... I had intended to fully picture the gifted yarn and my projects...
Something happened today, something wonderful! Hillard communitcated with me that he wanted to go to McDonalds! He brought me to the front door and signed the word please and the sign for Mcdonalds ( i think) and then spoke the words! I really couldn't understand him.... Its hard to understand him.... But we got in the car and I drove to Mcdonalds and he screamed out YES ! PLEASE! and did the signs for those words over and over!

We have to celebrate with a contest :)
Three different Questions: answer all three get your name put in the bowl 3 times....

1. If there was a hurricane coming and you could only pack three things; entertainment, food, and drink....what would these items be?

2. If you could play poker with three famous people (dead or alive) who would they be?

3. Whats your 3 favorite sock yarns? (not a sock knitter? whats your 3 favorite yarns?)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It's 2:45 in the AM and I am AWAKE! I have a terrible cold that won't quit and I can't lay down without my nose and ears clogging with snot! Not even a bad cold can stop me from dyeing... I think it's about time to announce the new fall line up for Mama Llama! This is only a sampling of whats to come:

Mama Llama Squish- made of 80Lambswool/10Angora/10Cashmere

300 yds/skein..... Has a very squishy feel to it. Squish is advertised as a DK or light worsted weight, But I would use a Sz 2 or 3 needles to get a good pair of socks from it. Use larger neddles for a more open fabric. (100 yd skeins will be avaiable also....)

Mama Llama Silken Cash- made of 55 Silk/45 Cashmere

This is a 2ply fine fingering weight yarn at 400 yds/skein. It plumped nicely during the dyeing process and will be ideal for lace because of its drape.

Mama Llama Cash- made of 100% Cashmere

Could I have found a more lux sock yarn? Its like knitting with a cloud! At 400 yds /skein this 2ply also plumped in the dye pot and is ready for a Sz 1 needle to knit the perfect pair of high maintience socks... Remember handwash!

Theres more where that came from too ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Reason to Celebrate

Today Chris and I celebrate two annual milestones; Fathers Day and our Seventh Wedding Anniversary!

Lets set the scene......

Las Vegas in June a small wedding party, a surprisingly large crowd of friends and family gathered in the Chapel of the MGM Grand. I barely fit into my wedding gown, the best man forgot my ring and my oldest sister and her family barely make it off a delayed flight with literally moments to spare before I walk down the aisle. My 4 yr old niece is hugging me tightly with wet underwear b/c she wet herself on the plane, if they had stopped to change her they would have missed the ceremony, she never complained......The pastor realizes we have no ring for the bride and informs us in the womans dressing room. My oldest sister rushes to take off her back up ring and gives it to the pastor....What luck , my sister having her wedding ring AND back up ring on at the same time ;)

Show Time! Both of my parents walk me down the isle to a very excited Groom. the ceremony was 12 mins. long.....We have it all on video and lots of photographs.

Out of 5 kids and 6 weddings we always talk about mine. It was very memorable indeed, not to mention that it was a vacation for eveyone! I guess thats what makes it so special.......

Today we also celebrate the unconditional love of a Father. Thanks Dad for always supporting me and my decsions.

And thank you Chris for being the wonderful adoring father that you are to our children!

First days of Fatherhood with Hillard

With Brandon at Easter

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just Because

Brandon and Chris were trying on all of their knitted hats from over the past 2 years and they posed ;)

I was curious to find any socks that were made with Mama Llama Sock Yarns, this is what I've found so far :
Twisted Knitter (make sure to wish her a happy b-day whaile you're there

Audrey in Canada used Orchid

Yarn4socks.com did a test pair out of Arcata

Connie from Pick up sticks made Jaywalkers from "Winter self striping" colorway

baby Sock on Etsy out of "Caves&Crystals"

okay, thats all I found :)

Speaking of Socks I've started my Sockapalooza Four Pal's socks! Wooo Hoo! Thanks for voting! And as for the So said "Ametuer Pattern Book" i am working on? Well, all I can say is that all materials have been thrown across the room several times. I won't even mention the fowl language that has escaped my lips.... One of the new patterns will debut by July ;)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Up to No Good!

I'm designing again folks....This is scary! I have been referred to as the "Pattern Hore" by one of my friends :) Lisa, you know who you are.... I own an obscene amount of beautiful patterns magazines, and books.... but what can I say? I like to design. Here is a glimpse of the yarn I'm working with...They are all Mama Llama.... The bigger skeins are the Alpaca/Silk dyed in "Burnt" and "Earth" colorways.... The sock yarn is the SockII and the colorway is new,"Virginia" (a solid)

I'm making a super cute garment out of the Alpaca silk, and of course some really neat socks with the Sock II.

I have several other patterns all written up and ready to knit... I'm sure b/w kids, full-time motherhood, running a small business, and being a devoted wife I can squeeze in a self published notebook of patterns right? Should I add photographer to that list for the ameteur photoshoot that might take place one day for said "Pattern Book". Who knows I got knit the stuff first!

I have a friend that just started her own business selling these neat do-dad's! She and her husband slave away manufacturing these themselves. Really niffty right? I have 6 in stock
Sz 4 inch, 6inch, 7 inch, and 8 inch $20 ea.

And, Toni at "The Fold" is carrying them as well so you can check with her too if you plan to get some STR while your at it:)
mmmm, STR Terra Firma, Socktopus, & G Rocks! Click the link and drool with me if you wil!
Have a great day!