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Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Censorship!

I take partial responsibility for my kids bad habits.... But I really can't help their speech impediments........Brandon's favorite movie is Cars and he calls Mater a dumptruck..... We tried practicing the "tr" sound, but to no avail...We've had a little fun with this certain pronunciation..... So here ya go! Click on the picture to link you to the video while i still figure it out!

In no way does he know that this is a bad word.... He honestly thinks he is saying it correctly. I have to hand to him for trying... At least he can say his Uncle Chucks' name correctly now... It too was a really bad word last Thanksgiving.

I hope this was a cute "pick-me-up" for your day.... Pass it on!

PS.... We hold no ill will towards Daddy.... As far as Brandon is concered he hung the moon!

Monday, September 24, 2007

All about Hillard

We attended a wedding in Galveston this weekend. My sister in law got remarried and it was a beautiful ceremony on a huge deck facing the water. We stayed there over night and it was very different from our normal routine and we worried about Hillards reaction to many things. He was all over the place as expected, but he settled in (sorta).... We were worried if he would sleep without his night time routine, and when we all layed down in the same room, Hillard was the first to snore!

I think Chris and I make parenting Hillard look easy. When he is still for at least 3 minutes and we'd stop to take a breath people looked at us to say "oh is Hillard comfortable here? He looks like he's doing great." Um, sure whatever you say..... You weren't the one chasing him to make sure he didn't jump off the two story deck to get to the water! ":)

Hillard has recently discovered that Brandon is useful and even fun! Hillard has engaged Brandon twice to play chase.... and when they catch each other they give belly burners. It warms my heart to see Hillard finally pay attention to his biggest fan..... And it means THE WORLD to Brandon that Hillard is showing some sort of affection. We all three still wait for Hillard to call us by name, but that day may not come for a while. We are patient people......

Hillard's does have moments of vocalization. His voice is very cute it sounds very much like a deaf persons voice, inflection in strange places and monotoned. But its the most beautiful sound!

Why post about Hillard? I've received a lot of email wondering how he was... With all this Jenny McCarthy business going around it makes people remember their close friends with autistic children.... (Thanks you guys, we love you too!) I didn't get to see Oprah, and I'm sorry I missed it... But I did read the article in People magazine and it saddened me when she said she probably wouldn't have any more children ("she got her butt kicked").... Having Brandon was the best medicine we could have given Hillard. We took a risk and it worked out for us, there will be no more Kerth kiddos out of pure fear! But Brandon is Hillards angel......

Brandon, Patrick, Thomas, and Hillard
P.S. and yes Brandon is that big! Just to keep you up to date on my monster baby... he has exceeded 60pounds and vertically he comes up to just under my chest..... I do hope hes not the only 3 yr 4 mo. old that starts potty training in Sz 10 boys underwear! He and Hillard now share Sz 8-10 boys clothing..... People look at me with mouths agape when I tell them he won't be 4yrs. old for another 9 months......

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Meeting the Harlot!

I was a little (a lot) nervous about the shirt I had chosen for the big event, I felt very self conscious. I don't like to bring attention to myself and here I was wearing a polo shirt with a HUGE Mama Llama logo on it. I felt like a total cheese ball.

My friends and I arrived just in time for us to get the door prizes safely to the stage and sit down without much fuss. There were many awesome door prizes and the crowd got really into all the goodies, 2 people from our caravan got prizes!

Stephanie came out and gave the funniest and most entertaining 1.5 hours! I've always enjoyed her blog and books....and hearing her in person just sealed the deal for me! She's very talented in many ways and I got to meet her!

When she finished speaking we began to gather our things, Eve and Shelley (owners) wanted to give her thank you gifts on stage. I had known before that a skein of Mama Llama sock yarn (in the Twisted Yarns colorway) would be given to her, but I thought it would be in private. They announced my yarn in front of everyone, and even sort of pointed me out in the crowd! I stood up and waved; My face was sweaty and my pitts were worse! Those damn nerves....I was so excited to grab her attention I got tunnel vision for a second....I noticed her smelling the yarn and I thought to myself. "shes a sniffer too!" So I stood up in front of everyone at the most inapproriate moment and yelled," I rinse with lavender water".... OMG! Could I be a bigger DORK! I wanted to give my forehead a good smack after that.

My friends were so supportive, my cheering section. I went to take a photograph of her with the skein, and Bethel ran up and told me to get in the picture with her. Stephanie called them my paparazzi.... I hate to bring attention to myself, and yet I talk a lot and really loud....go figure?

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Me
Me, Ellen, Sonya
Sonya, Carolyn, Bethel
Well, you know who that is ;)

Oh did you notice how RED my face is in the first picture compared to the other picture of me.... I wish I didn't blush so easily. #%*#!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Lelah, Amelia & Rio

I have finally made a garment that I LOVE! Boozehags, your genuis! Lelah is a sensation and flatters any body type; with my own modifications.....
I finshed it this morning and have not blocked it or put a ribbon in the eyelet row. I couldn't wait to share my triumph with you so here are sneak peeks to the unveling:

Let me intoduce Amelia!
It's one of my charted lace patterns. Its made from 100% cashmere and oh sooooo soft! Mama Llama has 6 patterns coming out before the end of the year and all use Mama Llama Yarns. 3 will be free, and 3 will be for sale :)

I'm going to Rio! My sister purchased my palne ticket this morning..... Now I have to stand in line ALL DAY on Monday to get a passport in time.... I leave Oct. 28th....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Introducing the Peddy's

hmmmm, I might get beat up for posting this, but its a rare thing when you get 4 out of 5 together these days... this was taken last Thanksgiving.... There is a wedding in the family coming up in October and it will be the first time in years that my parents will have all 5 children together again :)

Nevermind that we all think we look horrible in this pic..... Too much wine and turkey does things to people!