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Monday, February 25, 2008


You might wonder what the heck is she going to babble about this time! I didn't make any resolutions this year, I had the attitude "why set myself up for failure?" If you know me, or if you have spent and extended time around me you'll notice I'm probably one of the perkiest people you'll ever met. My Mom likes to call me "PollyAnna". So the word failure rarely comes to mind. I've become much of a recluse lately, not sure why? I've avoided friends and many social activities. I haven't read blogs in months!

This is when the reclaiming comes in, I am reclaiming my social life, my knitting and my body!

I have lost 2.5 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my hips and 1 inch in my bust! i'm loving my rowing machine! The scale is not my biggest supporter.... I've only lost 8pounds.... grrr.. But i'll take muscle over fat anyday. Beggers can't be choosers ;) Even Chris is loving the rowing machine!
This sudden body change has motivated me to start thinking of spring and summer knits...

Giotto for the "Waterlily Top" from Interweave

My current project. Portal socks from Twisted..... I bought two skeins of this yarn but 1 skein will give me a pair of socks. So i think i will sell or trade the second skein..... Interested?

Take a vote!

Should I make a Clap with this Mama Llama Caspian? Or a "Lace Tank"? let me know what you think!

Obviously I'm feeling better about myself, so I hope that cures the blues..... Wonder if the blues started when Carmen moved to Brasil? I probably shouldn't have stopped teaching knitting.... I really enjoyed that too.

I joined a handpainted swap and I love my partner... She is from Finland and has the same color taste as me..... I love to dye (obviously) so this is going to be fun :)

take care guys!