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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sing a Song!

Harmony is finsihed! Isn't she purrrrrrty!

So, I know I promised a free pattern in the past post, but I have 3 people just itching for size specs. and that takes a lot of math and work, so I will be selling the pattern instead... Sorry folks :( Please don't tar and feather me...
I'm nearly done writing it and I need a few people to proof it and maybe knit small portions of the pattern to make sure there are no glitches. Warning I will be releasing it for sale before a full test knit is finished.

I've already started another tank top with Berroco Zen Colors. This tank is just plain knit, nothing special... The yarn is way too pretty to put it with a lace pattern.

SP Question of the week:
What is your favorite summer vacation childhood memory?
My parents took all us kids to Pensecola FL every summer for about 10 yrs. in a row. My older Brother and Sisters are 13 yrs older than us twins so it was kind of a crazy troop! Teenagers and toddlers! Of course I had the "cool parents" that let their kids take friends on vacation with them.... So we always had atleast 12 people along for the ride!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I participated in Knit In Public Day. It was a lot of fun; 4 of us from Yarntopia rode together and had lunch before the big Saturday event.

Simple things in life really amaze me... Like how did he fall asleep like this and remain there for 1 hour? Poor Brandon his brother kept trying to pull him up on the sofa by his underwear. Atleast Hillard wanted to help him out.... But Brandon woke up with the biggest wedgey!

What was in that!
So Hillard had Chris and I a little worried last week about a probable infestation of critters in his bowels (if you get my drift)... I won't describe what came out of him, but it wasn't your typical run of the mill critter.... First off it really didn't look like a critter at all but it was sure shaped like one....
I'll spare more details and cut to the chase.... You know those big "hairy" rubber balls... You know the kind.... Apparently Hillard has been pulling of the stretchy "hair part" of the rubber and eating it! I thought, "no way he never eats unediable things".... Then Chris saw him do it tonight! He ate it right infront of us! Guess I'll get a little surprise tommorrow :)

Chris and I didn't get to celebrate this years anniverary with a night out, but we did have a special dinner , take out style! And he came home early with a great card that pretty much described everything! A messy house, messy kids & and a cute couple enjoying the heck out of it together.

Free Pattern coming up next post you guys! LOVE how this tank is coming out!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

SP12 and other Fun Stuff

Secret Pal 12:
I am getting ready for another round of SP. I am hostessing again and I'm looking forward to getting to know my group. This time I joined, so I get to spoil! Here is a link to my questionaire ;)
Other Fun Stuff:

Mama Llama News: I'm Global! http://www.thewoolshack.com/ in Australia will be carrying Mama Llama by next month! Also I have New Bamboo in stock! Go check it out its selling fast!

My friend Lisa designed the Melody Scarf and I enjoyed knitting one of the simple lace patterns used in it so much that I'm making a lace tank top from it. I am using Louisa Harding Fauve in a beautiful blue color. It is turning out even better than I expected! I have 6 balls of yarn @127 yds each so we'll see how far it gets me. I'm using 10.5 needles for the bottom lace portion and its giving me more than enough stretch to hug those "curves". photo:

It feels great to create again. Hope the top portion turns out like I want it!

Mama Llama Knit Night Party: Look two posts down if you haven't yet to sign up for the Knit Party in Houston TX June 28th! We are up to over 20 people now....Even my BFF is flying from Cali. for it. Wooo Hooo! Should be a good time :)

Please keep my father in your thoughts and prayers. He will begin radiation treatments very soon. Right now he is taking an experimental drug and its making him very ill.... He will go in for more biopsy and tests June 9th to see if they have halted the aggressive cancers growth.