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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

IKE Sucks!

We're okay! :) I had a lot of emails I've answered most of them, but here is a post about IKE!

As a lot of you know I'm an absolute weather nerd and had been following him since he was a wee depression.... Well then my big boy grew up and went from a Cat 1 to a Cat 4 in 12 hours! While he was visiting the poor souls of Cuba as a Cat 4 , I was convinced that he was a Mobile/Pensacola storm.... Hmmmm, he had a different idea of what "fun" is and teased Houston all the way to the end. Most of us were expecting a turn like Rita... But I knew better.... UKMET model showed a true path almost the entire way....

Here is a video shot around 9pm when the 50 mph gusts were blowing the "Sturdy Oaks" to kingdom come! Not to mention BEAUTIFUL sunset.

It was a restless night and I spent most of it awake listening to debris hit the roof and terrified that the flimsy pine tree in front of the house was going to crash in on us!

All night long the transformer explosions lit the sky like fireworks, it was an amazing site! The lights inside flickered on/off all night long threatening a permanent darkness. Finally at 4am the transformer lost it's battle with the 85+mph winds and blew....

Hillard awoke to darkness and we lit candles all around the house.

When we finally emerged the street was covered with debris, a few shingles, fences blown down everywhere, and no power.... We were also warned on the battery operated radio to BOIL OUR WATER!

We now await the insurance adjusters call.... We were one of the lucky neighborhoods that got power back on the first day... Our fence was trashed, the debris is picked up and hauled away. The back patio needs to be gutted... And we aren't too sure if those shingles in our yard were ours or a neighbors.....

In Katy:
Gas pumps that actually have gas are 10 cars deep in lines. Grocery shelves are empty.... I find that people are in panic mode... If you don't have power and running water, panic is a very natural feeling...

We have it sooooo lucky here in Katy, Most of Houston has no power, Cities close to the coast are simply gone and residents are asked not to return for ah wile... We have it lucky.

I've been trough a lot of hurricanes and I remember them all, I can put IKE as a notch on the belt.