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Sunday, August 24, 2008

And so it Begins

AHHHHH! School begins in the morning and I have survived the summer months.... We all have. This summer has been exceptional when it comes to progress. Hillard is finally calling me Mommy.... It has taken nearly 8 years, but paitence has paid off and I get to hear my sweet sons voice once in awhile. This summer he has grown physically and has made great strides devlopmentally... Don't ask me specifics, I just know he is different somehow. A certain maturity he was lacking before. Parents of older autistics always told me that their children seemed to "change" somehow when they reach 7 or 8 years old. I can see what they mean now.

We will join the YMCA tommorrow morning. Not to join a community, not to get in shape, but Brandon to get the chance to play with other kids! Being apart of the community and getting in shape are just side affects of Brandons social growth. He is very bored here at home and mothers-day-out programs are expensive. I don't mind taking a few aerobics classes and getting in shape while Brandon learns the Do's and Dont's from peers ;)

Mama Llama Excitment:
I was approched by the Knit at Night Guild of Houston to do a demonstration of dyes, the process and techniques etc. I am so excited I've already got 3 pages written up of informative stuff to show and talk about. (without revealing any Mama Lama secrets of course)

The same day, I was asked to be apart of the first indie dyer Sock Club organized by indie dyers! It was such an honor to be asked and I joined the Co-Op immediately. Here is a link if you want any information on it. I plan to join as a participant as well. You pay bi-monthly instead of all at once....I like that part ;)

Y'all take care!


Blogger Sorka said...

There is a developmental change in children generally around age 7/8 I can't see that it would be any different in autistic children.
I am glad to hear that he is showing progress!

7:51 PM  
Blogger KnitWit said...

Glad to hear things are going so well. ^_^

Hey. Are you not on Ravelry? I added your Mini Cardi/Shrug to my project list and the pattern wasn't on there. I think I can add it if you like. =)

9:49 AM  

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