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Monday, January 12, 2009

Good weekend for the New Year

I began my weekend with a quick visit to my local yarn shop Yarntopia. It had occured to me that my "slump" is due to the fact that My beloved addi's (Size 1 40") broke. Yes folks if you love addi's that much, they will break. Needless to say with a fun visit with some friends the purchase was made and I'm trucking now on a very fab pair of socks once again ;)

Chris and I got to visit with some of his families friends. The G's came to town on the way to Mexico. We had a great poker night.... What can I say? Good company, beer, prime rib, and poker! I was in heaven :) I had met Leo (the bigger G) several times before, but I never had the pleasure of meeting Mike (litle G). Great guy and Chris got to have "guy time" with him playing a few sets of tennis on Sunday. Mike gave me a book I can't seem to put down now:

Mike will be traveling for the next few months from Costa Rica, Chile and did I hear him say Antartica too? He will be chronicling his travels on Blogspot. He will be pinpoiting it all on an attached goodle map, go check him out; http://thetravellingg.blogspot.com

On Sunday when they were playing tennis I got two precious hours all to myself, it was really nice just to sit and relax. I made it my mission not to hop up and start cleaning the house....I've got all week to procrastinate on that ;)

I hope to be posting a bit more now that I have some good knits and reads going on!

Have a safe week.


Blogger kasiaiscarly said...

The addi's have a guarantee. . . I think they would probably replace them if it snapped!

11:19 AM  
Blogger amylovie said...

Great seeing you too Catherine!

Skacel will only replace them if you still have the original packaging.


1:28 PM  

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