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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Joyful, Yarn, Goodness

These three words can best describe my week. What would your 3 words be?

Its been an exciting week with a lot of dyeing going on! I received the shipment of Sea Ewe yarn and I got to fill a delayed order, I put a few more things on Etsy and I can't seem to keep the Bounty Ewe in stock! It has given me many reasons to dye this weekend. There is much joy with the thought of spending a day creating new things.

The yarn Fairy, Jen a.k.a Woolgirl, has sent out another spectacular Sock Club package. How does she keep out doing herself? I have never worked with Curious Creek yarn, but I am really looking forward to it. This yarn is SOOOOOO yummy! It differes from the Zen Yarn Garden we recieved two months ago, but is still in that yummy catagorey that we all drool over!

Members are given an "alternative" pattern if you not in the sock mood! Both patterns are truly works of art and they are high on my list!!!!

The Goodness that has come from this week is how things seem to come together. I was generously invited to be a vendor at the World Wide Knit in Public Day event here in Houston June 20th. The t-shirts have finally come in and they look spectacular. I'm having a fabulous time dyeing for retailers and for my sanity as well. I finally got to design a cami/tank pattern and have a test knitter working on it now, and have several test knitters working for booth samples. Brandon will be spend a great deal of time with his grandmother this weekend.....Goodness


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