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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Smoothie, Hummus and Pattern

Yes, it has been a long time, a little over a year to be exact. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Ravelry we have all had different outlets to share our daily joys and accomplishments. Keeping up a blog is a lot of pressure! Are the photos pretty enough? Am I boring? You know, people want useful things like, how to make something completely amazing using next to nothing?!

(Warning!: all my low sodium recipes have ingredients with lots of potassium. Potassium is not good for those with kidney issues. I need a lot of potassium in my diet so my recipes reflect it)
Smoothie? Yes please. We purchased the NutriBullet 900 pro and we are loving it. We have made Low sodium bean dips, hummus, smoothies, and almond pie crust with this little power house. Here is my favorite smoothie so far:
1 packed cup kale leaves
1 navel orange (take peel off),
1 banana,
4 strawberries,
2 or 3 dates (pits removed)
as much milk as you desire. (i don't put too much) if you want to up that protein (if your watching your waistline use almond milk)

Hummus? yup here is the recipe!
.25 cup whole roasted seasme seeds (160mgs)
2 Tblsp olive oil
1 can garbanzo beans drained (no salt added or organic has lower sodium as well)(400mgs)
2 garlic cloves
2 Tblsp dried parsley
.25 tsp coarse kosher salt (420mgs)
Fresh lemon
hot water as needed

1.Place sesame seeds in nutribullet first and keep pulsing as fine as desired, watch out because it will begin to turn wet.
2.then add all other ingridents.
3.if too thick add hot water by the tablespoon until smooth

4 servings (245mgs, I know that is not phenomenal, but it beats store brands and restaurants, and thats with the kosher salt added. you don't have to add that)

Pattern? Not to be misleading, but I am working on a free knit pattern right now, so you will have to wait a little bit longer. My next post will have the "pretty pictures" and a link to the PDF for the free pattern.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Low Sodium Baby Back Ribs

I love the Sodium Girl blog and I have always wanted to try her Low Sodium ribs called "The Grand Finale!" But, I didn't have all that was required for the recipe so using it as a base I came up with this! By the way I hardly measure anything, sorry. I honestly just kind of wing it when I cook. It drives my friends bonkers.... So this recipe is exactly what I did:

grab a smallish pot and set your burner on a medium heat....
1. Splash some Jack daniles whiskey in there, for about a 3 second count
2. pour some molasses in there for a 3 second count
3. add a HEAPING tablespoonful of Wholesome Raw Organic Fair Trade Honey
4. Add a table spoon or so of Adam's asian spice blend
5. add Red Pepper flakes to spice it up, I added a lot
6. Squeeze a very generous amount of No Salt Heinz Ketchup in there
7. now add about a 3 second or so splash of Orange Juice

Heat it up till boiling sitirring occasionally.... then let cool

While sauce is cooling get you ribs out and pat dry with paper towels . then fit into a oven safe pan deep enough to fit ribs when covered with foil and ribs do not touch foil... like pictured above. i had to cut my rack in half sprinkle garlic powder and dried onions on ribs generously.

Now, Pour your sauce over the ribs gernerously and give it a little massage ;)

Then make sure all of the bottom of the pan has sauce on it, flip your ribs so the meat portion of the ribs will be marinating in the sauce, cover with foil and stick in fridge for 4 hours.

Take ribs out flip the ribs back over and  recover with foil put in a 250 degree oven for 4 hours then remove foil, baste with juices, then put in 300 degree oven uncovered for an hour and it should brown very nicely like mine did. I actually had to turn the heat back down and recover them for another hour b/c we weren't ready to eat them yet. they stayed nicely browned and were delicious and not dry at all from cooking them that extra hour... it might of actually helped.

Okay, that is EXACTLY what I did on Friday for some of the best low sodium ribs I have ever tasted!

I am going to try this sauce recipe with a chuck roast this week for chipped beef sandwiches.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spice of Life Vegetables!

I was cleaning my pantry and wanted to reclaim some space for other foods. I had almost and entire shelf dedicated to small spices. I was going to purchase a pre-made rack to insert on the shelf until my husband reminded me the one that I loved on the Kitchen Cousins! Beautiful reclaimed wood spice rack. So here we go:
We decided to hang an anchor board on the wall so we would have less nails going through the drywall. We attached the anchor board with screws to the studs as seen above:
After Hurricane Ike in 2008 destroyed our pitiful privacy fence we kept a portion of it. Chris dismantles it and removed all nails. I washed all the boards with an old toothbrush to be thourogh!

Now we had to think of the shelves. We went with a tankless hot water heater years ago and we had left over copper pipe 3/4". I purchased some 90 degree copper elbows and 1x3" cedar planks and also 3/4" dowel rod. Measure how long you want your shelves by placing the spices on the board. Also we shaved off an inch or less of dowel to nail (wire nail) the dowel to where you want your copper rod to fit on the shelf board, not sure if you can see them on the photo with the clamp.... The elbows are hollow and fit sunuggly on the dowel rod, this stables your copper railing. this is important! make sure you get a wide enough shelf board that includes the depth of your copper rod railing! I did not and Chris improvised by setting the shelf a little further from the wall so my spices and the copper railing both fit. Ends up, I prefer this way!

Pick out your favorite pieces of wood and cut. Then go nail them to your anchor board. You are nearly there!
Start hanging those shelves with L brackets!

Admire! You may notice once side of my spice rack is butted up against a wall and the other is staggered and uneven looking. This was done purposefully. You can do yours anyway you want :).

Using the Spice rack! I needed my Turmeric, Celery Seed, and Mustard Seed and didn't have to go digging in the pantry anymore. Best feeling! I made these snack veggies for when I feel like I need a pickle. But these are made with very little salt:
Cider mix:
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup wholsome organic sugar
dash of : mustard seed, celery seed, salt, and turmeric
1/2 cup water

Sliced Veggies:
English cucumber, onion, carrot and radish (all organic)

Heat the water, sugar, cider, salt, and spices together until it comes to a boil and sugar is dissolved.
Place sliced veggies in a mason,ball, kerr jar or any container that can be sealed and placed in the refrigerator. Pour the boiled cider mix over the veggies and cover, place in refrigerator immediately!. (You can process in a water bath too, not sure about the water/vinegar ratio on this to process tho) wait 12 hours before you eat any. tastes better that way ;) This is low in sodium, but it does have calories!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feed the need!

I had the need for some Greek food. I never know what restaurant kitchens put into their food, always weary of ingredients people might add unknowingly that is full of sodium.  To the avg joe, just cutting table salt is a huge step in the right direction but so many pre made items are full of sodium that really add up for and individual that can consume only 1200-1600mgs/day like myself..
I had a good friend bring me to one of her favorite haunts called Zoe's Kitchen. Great food and to my surprise it wasn't as bad as many restaurants are when it comes to counting Na! It is a big haul to her side of town and I decided I needed more yogurt sauce based things in my life!

Every week I make fresh homemade bread using my bread machine.I was getting tired of the same ol' fair, sandwich rolls. So this time I made flatbread using the same sandwich roll recipe. It turned out to be a very useful shape, especially for my yogurt sauce kick this week. Here is the recipe for our families favorite bread with directions for sandwich rolls and flatbread:
 Everyday Bread:*low sodium
1 Cup warm water
2 tblsp olive oil
.25 tsp salt (yes a little bit)
1 egg
 1 tblsp sugar
3.25 cups bread flour
1 tblsp yeast ( i use active dry yeast or bread machine yeast)

1. Place ingredients in bread machine in order (accept for the yeast). mound your flour and place a finger in the center to create a hole for the yeast. the yeast must not touch the warm ingredients. like a bread flour volcano :)
2. Place on dough setting.
3. Remove and place on floured surface to punch down. pinch off 12 pieces and roll into balls with palms of your hands.
4. Lightly press the balls of dough flat on a greased cookie sheet to let rise 45 mins. Then place in oven at preheated 375 degrees  for 12 mins. or cooked to desired.
OR For a flat bread roll each ball into a circle by starting from the middle pressing down and working out each side. place these flat dough circles on greased cookie sheets and let rise for 45 mins. Cook these on a hot pan or griddle! Be careful not to handle too much or it will punch down.

Greek-ish Shrimp Salad:* low sodium
All these ingredients are roughly chopped and pat dry with paper towel
half green bell pepper
half red bell pepper
1 roma tomato
half red onion
half english cucumber
half avocado
8oz small salad shrimp (cooked, then cooled) *do not chop these
4 cloves minced fresh garlic
2 branches dill (torn)
2 branches mint (torn)
6oz Chobani yogurt plain
juice of 1 small lime

mix sauce and add to chopped ingredients and shrimp dash with fresh cracked pepper to taste. put in closed container in frig. at least an hour for flavors to marinate!
Have fun with this! add a few things take out a few things. add a jalapeno to spice it up! the choice is yours. no rules just fun. Oh, and add salt if you want ;)

No knitting this time. I promise to have a free pattern next time With cookie recipes!

Friday, December 28, 2012

A TARDIS kind of Christmas and a Saucey New Year!

There are many things I look forward to on Christmas night. Two of them are relaxation and the Doctor Who Christmas special! I knitted this scarf in October. You might recognize it from the Vampires of Venice and Vincent and the Doctor episodes. Amy wears something similar and of course she looks as smashing as ever ;)
Amy Scarf
yarn: cascade heritage silk 2 skeins

I have decided to get some taste in my low sodium life style and have come up with some tangy additions to my salads and chicken dishes. Maybe even a stir fry or two.

This first one I think is my crowning achievement. It is very similar to a vinegar dressing my husband and I favor at a local Thai restaurant. A restaurant I can no longer frequent. It is kind of cool how I happened upon this concoction all by accident. here it is:
Tangy Pepper Dressing:
10oz jar pepper jelly ( i used an organic local)
2 Tblsp Wholesome Sweeteners Agave
2/3cup cider vinegar
2 clove minced garlic
(2 teaspoons cornstarch/ water mixture)

cook on stove on med. heat until just to boiling. for thisckness put cornstartch in water then add to sauce for thickening) let cool and place in tupperware for storage. Suggested for just about any type of dressing. We like it over torn romaine lettuce with cucumber and red onion.

My husband and I met while attending collage and one of our favorite haunts was a restaurant that had just started a nation wide business near LSU. Rasing Canes. Boy, I have a funny story about meeting the owner too! Although this is not the exact recipe, its close enough for me. and lower sodium too:
 Chicken Dippin' Sauce:

1/2 cup mayo
1/4 cup no salt ketchup
1 tblsp garlic powder (possibly more depends on your taste)
2-tblsp pepper (possibly more depends on your taste, you want black dots throughout your sauce)
a splash of white wine vinegar

mix all ingredients in a Tupperware and store for an hour or two. flavor gets better with age ;) use with any fried meats/vegetables or grilled too!

This is an interesting Stir Fry sauce. I wasn't sure about it at all but it got two thumbs up from the hubby. You can try it and tell me what you think.... got any add ins? comment and let me know!

1/3 cup white wine viegar
1/2 cup Wholesome Sweeteners organic dark brown sugar
2 teaspoons low sodium tomato paste
3/4 cup water
1 tblsp red pepper flakes
2 teaspoons corn starch

add ingredients to pot  and heat till boil....reserve 1/4 water for cornstarch to add at end for thickening.

I have been enjoying working with Organic ingredients, even my neighbor has brought me his chickens eggs and his home grown satsumas! Neither lasted very long in this house. We love freshness! Our Pecan tree has produced a boat load this fall too. I really like the Wholesome Sweeteners and have arranged my recipes to include them. As well as other Organic things I receive from friends and family :)

I took a chance and crocheted a scarf for my niece for Christmas. I thought it came out beautifully, Noro sock can be a pain in the butt, but it looks great worked up!. She loved it!
Ripple Scarf: 
Yarn, Noro Kyreon Sock discontinued 1 ball
Pattern: Peephole Chevron multiple of 10 (add 2 for base chain)
1st row: skip 2ch (count as 1 dc), 1 dc into each of the next 4ch, *skip 2ch, 1dc into each of the next 4ch, chain 2, 1dc into each of the next 4ch: rep from * to last 6ch, skip 2ch 1dc into next three then 2dc into the last ch, turn
2nd row: 3ch (counts as 1 dc), 1dc into first st, 1dc into each of the next 3sts,, *skip 2sts, 1dc into each of the next 3sts [1dc,chain 2,1dc into 2ch sapce, 1dc into next 3 sts: rep from * to last 6sts, skip 2sts, 1dc into each of the next 3 sts, 2dc into top turn chain, turn.
Keep repeating row 2 

I did a 50 sts scarf and it came out 9" wide and 60" . i used a tiny hook. could have gone a bit bigger.

Till next time! I've got a low sodium wheat banana/nut/cherry bread and the essential Kerth family sandwich/bun bread. I make this bread weekly.... We love it ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Three Bean Soup

My parents and I went nuts over a soup I threw together a few days ago. Its not you average vegetable soup!
I tried to make it as simple as possible, Can goods, lots of canned goods. They really aren't that bad with the sodium, you just have to know what too look for. I always pick the "organic" canned beans before the name brands "low sodium". Most of the organic brand canned, beans and vegetables are 100mg less per serving or more. Look at the labels, always! Just b/c it says low sodium does not mean it is...

This Soup is rich in Fiber, Protien and Potassium. So if you need to stay away from excessive potassium I would not recommend this soup. But, it is perfect for those with Hyper Aldostronism.

Three Bean Soup:
1 can organic black beans (drained rinsed)
1 can organic great northern beans (drained rinsed)
1 cup shelled edemame (you can add them frozen)
1 cup V8 (low sodium)
1 can organic low sodium chicken broth
1 can petite diced no salt added tomatoes (basil oregano if available)
1tbls garlic powder
1tbls dried onion flakes
1 package of cheese tortellini (not the family size)

Place first 8 ingredients in pot and bring to a boil. add tortellini and cook until the tortellinis are double their original size.

this soup is best after it sits a day or two... it makes 5 generous servings. Add water and more V8 for a ruuny soup.

I have worked on so many crafty projects this past year here is one of them! A baby blanket for a new arrival! I just mailed it off so this might be a spoiler for the mommy.... Sorry Sara ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Year in Review....

So I failed to keep my "at least once a month" posting promise. I have a somewhat good excuse? Starting in April they started doing a bunch of testing because I was becoming very lethargic, and I had extremely high blood pressure with a slew of other ailments. Long story short...
I have PA. What? Whats that? Its just your adrenal gland producing too much aldostrone.
Thats all?
No biggie right?
Big biggie! My blood pressure was 199/119 daily.
I now control it with a very sodium limited diet and medication. I still have trouble with my electrolytes so running/jogging really hasn't been an option for me since this past March when I bowed out of what would have been my 3rd half-marathon.  
 I've gained nearly 20 pounds this year :( yes, and after loosing 40-45 lbs. since 2009 and running two half- marathons, a 10k and a couple of 5k's. I am bitter about this guys....VERY BITTER!
I will be leading a very different lifestyle for now on, and I've been doing a decent job so far. Only a few BP scares here and there.

If you keep up with me on Facebook you've been lucky enough to hear me whine all year long! Lucky you ;)

I wanted to go ahead and post some of my favorite pictures from this past year.

also: now that my lifestyle has changed I am making most of our foods from scratch. I've had a lot of fun making crazy stuff up! So along with the crafty things I post here, be prepared for some kick butt low sodium recipes. Tested by my poor family!