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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Most Embarrassing Moment?

Set the stage: I've been teaching a private class for a couple of months now. These ladies are fantastic! They bring wine and treats ;we have a ton of fun!

I went to teach my private class tonight and the ladies that usually attend were acting very strangely! I wondered what was going on... They started to giggle and talked about a surprise......One of the ladies brought cupcakes, and another brought a gift! I was flabbergasted and flattered, but it wasn't for me! I was certainly surprised when they said happy Birthday Sheryl (one of the owners of Yarntopia). I was so horrified; how embarrassing. I played it off, but I could feel that my face was burning red! I turned and and shook Sheryls hand to tell her Happy Birthday. I asked when it was and told her and the ladies mine was the day after. Of course non of them had known and I think I might of made the entire occassion a little awkward for a few seconds. Then I felt bad that I had announced my birthday... WOW talk about stealing thunder! That was not my intention, and I don't think it was taken that way. Anyhow, I was embarrassed and I will think twice before thinking everything is about me! ;)

Happy Birthday Sheryl!

Please share your most embarrassing moment!

"That Damn Baby Blanket" is almost done, my friend called today and told me she had the baby on Saturday! yeah! The blanket is officially late. :( When I finish it up I will post a Pic and the pattern. Then get started on those beautiful lace scarves that I have planned!

Of course ya'll aren't gettin outta this post without some eye candy! 365yds merino/tencel... Berkley is my favorite out of this bunch. It looks fantastic reskeined too.

And go look I'm on Kpixie too!

Winner! Sarah you won the drawing! I will contact you for your address soon ;)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wishful Thinking

I finally cashed in my Christmas yarn Gift Cert.'s and these are my pretties... Wanna know what they will become?

Left to right:
Silk Wool/ Purple- Victorian Lace Today a tweedy looking scarf that originally used Habu, fingering.... but I am going to kick it up a notch with DK wieght and a larger needle size! This puppy is gonna be HUGE!

Silky Tweed /Pink- Caryl's Kertcheif; Been dying to make this... but instead of using Koigu (fingering) I am going to use DK wieght and a larger needle.... wish me luck on this one!

Tilli Tomas /American Beauty (red)- This will become the Thinking of You Scarf by Heatstrings..... LOVE this scarf! I sell it in the store, if you want to do a KAL with me I am starting it in Feb.

Alpaca Silk/ Blue- Is this stuff yummy or what?! I will be doing a scarf from Victorian Lace Today in this yarn. I think it will turn out Beautifully.....

Have we noticed I have backed off on socks? Oh the Horror! You know I am going to miss them by the second shawl, right?
Well, I am still morally against making garments right now, and lace shawls don't count ;)

You still have time to enter the contest; look at the previous post for more info!

Announcement:Due to Popular demand I will be bringing back "Gimme Some Needles" Exchange. Please contact my email catherinekerthAThotmailDOTcom to enter... Please put Needle Exchange in the subject so I know its not jusnk ;) Sign ups end feb. 4th My B-day!
Rules: $ Amount will not exceed 20 nor should you go less than $15 and this does not include shipping. Yarn and patterns are encouragedand Needles are mandatory as gifties.... When I set up a sperate blog You will be notified immediately!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello? Anyone There?

This is me at my blogging worst! I have not posted in awhile, nor have I kept up with any of my bloglines. I am ashamed and humbled, and my only excuse is pure lack of time during the rush of the holiday season! Do you forgive me? I am more embarrassed of the fact that I haven't kept up with any of my favorite reads! New years resolution? Keep up with my Blog Buddies Better!

I had received some lovely seasons greetings cards from several of you, Wendy, Audrey, Brynne, and Jennifer (Nyxxie) to name a few.... I on the other hand didn't send out any holiday cards this year, nor last year... Actually I haven't sent out Christmas cards since Hillard was born.... Maybe I need to make a Resolution to be more aware that people might like to get a card for the holidays from the Kerth family?

I knitted a few gifts for the holidays, and only got a few pictures in the rush of things.....

A fancy washcloth by Fiber Trends. and A shwalette with beads
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A kertchief, using the sock yarn I got from my swap pal Cherryl.... Thanks ;) Look there are beads at the end!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Victorian Lace Book I bought for myself! And look what came in the mail that same day; a hand knitted bookmark from Audrey! It really is cute and was the perfect holiday gift, I used it immediately....

I have 6 weeks to get two baby blankets done... Think I can do it ladies? Got any quicky patterns to suggest?

Great parenting news! We took Hillard and Brandon to the zoo for Hillards 6th birthday.... And Hillard walked next to us the entire time! I never thought this day would come! He didn't have to hide away in the stroller! Of course he tried to wonder off a few times... but we would lead him back to us with gentle encouragement... Can you beleive it? We are so excited.... Now we just have to get him noise eliminating ear muffs and lots of Public apprence practice ;)

Business is doing well, I have to admit I thought the Holiday Season would be slow, but I got 3 big orders the Friday my kids got out of school for the Christmas break! I freaked for about 2 mins.... then got my stuff together and I've been working my tail off. Here is a pic of one of the orders... Its 100% Merino Jagger Spun Lace... I enjoyed working with it and I think it turned out beautifully....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I sent more Self Striping to Pickupsticks.ca ; AND start looking for Mama Llama Yarns on Kpixie.com soon ;)

Contest! New Years eve marked my two year anniversary of knitting! Yep thats right I taught myself on new years eve two years ago! Just answer these questions by looking at the history of my blog to be entered to win your choice of either Mama Llama Yarn, or some STR from my stash... Up to you ;)
1. What was the first project posted?
2. What was my first sweater?
3. Name something that I have made for my husband ,Chris.

4. Bonus, Who is my very best friend.... and do you know her blog? If you answer this I will give you an extra prize!
Okay LB answered them correctly so she is getting some goods ;)
The rest of ya, tell me what months these 3 items were made and I will add you to a drawing for more prizes! Happy New Year!
Ya'll take care.... And I will be back to reading your posts next week ;)