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Friday, January 25, 2008

All in a Family

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for there kind emails and comments about Hillard, you guys are the best. And he was a virtual chatterbox last night! We only understood about half the things he siad (through sign language and speech) but we still had fun playing together as a family.

You guys may remember my birthday is coming up soon. Its not something I really like to broadcast b/c I hate that awkward feeling of people thinking they have to get me something.
Its going to be a really tough birthday since Carmen won't be around to celebrate with me. This is the second birthday in 34yrs that we won't be together and I'm thinking it will be just as hard as the first. (I had moved to Northern California 2 weeks before our birthday in 2000)....
To make this year a little less painful and hopefully tearless Chris is making a big to-do by having My favorite kind of party....A Crawfish Boil....!
The best part of this was the invitation email he sent to the family.... It was PURE CHRIS!

Hello All!

As I am sure you are all aware, on Sunday, February 3rd there is a big event worthy of an even bigger celebration. That is the day before Catherine Peddy Kerth and Carmen Peddy Rinehart gracefully pass into their "mid-thirties". Since they'll probably be crawled up in the fetal position on Monday, Feb 4, as they realize how old they've become, I figure it's best to celebrate their special day one day early. ; )

For this momentous occasion, I would like to invite all of you to a crawfish boil at "blank". All of the details should be included on the attached invitation. Obviously, Carmen, Richard, Thomas and Patrick will not be able to attend, but we'll all eat a crawfish in your honor.

When upon receiving this invite almost every member in the family was in hysteria with laughter. I think I even heard Carm Laughing all the way from Rio, Brasil ;)

I Leave you with this:

I'd like everyone to prepare for "Brandon's Creations". Yes, apparently the dyeing bug has bitten my youngest and he can't get enough of it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Two Words

I've had writers block for a while and I'm sure its gone noticed by a few of you. Honestly I've been working hard on "secret" projects and trying to tred water while expanding my business.

The only thing that made me stop and think with clarity was the voice of my seven yr old. Yes, thats right you heard me his VOICE! We got a small glimpse of its amazing sound once again the other night. He was not prompted nor was he bribed with reinforcers. I know what you're thinking, "whats so different about this time"? It was the situation that brought tears to our eyes:

Brandon was happily walking next to his brother when suddeny he doubled over grabbing his foot in pain. It was really weird, there was a large cut on Brandon's foot and we had no idea what happened. Hillard stood by a stared at Chris and Me while we doctor'ed his foot. When it was all over Hillard spoke two very powerful words "Brandon's Crying".

I know what you're thinking again, "oh, how cute he's showing concern for his baby brother". YES, showing concern, thats the most important part! Thats what made his voice so special. Hillard never shows concern for other peoples crys of pain.

It's small accomplishments like this that make me think, "hes going to make it, its all going to be okay". It gives me a chance to connect with my son, in that tiny moment there IS a connection. Hopefully they will happen more often as he grows.

His stims (flapping) got really bad over Christmas break but have been a bit better since he started the routine of school again. He really depends on that and it doesn't surprise me that hes come out of his shell since he returned.

Cross your fingers for more breakthroughs- we are happy to have Hillard just the way he is, but I do hope one day he will call Chris and Me by our names "Dad and Mom".

Watch this video it will bring the water works so get tissue! and turn up the sound and enjoy!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

December in Review

A lot happened in the month of December! A Trunk Show on the 1st a swap soon after and of course i finally photgraphed some long over due FO's. Christmas brought family fun and craziness too boot!

We had a special gift for Hillard this year and it seems al is right with the world for now.
Here are some highlights of the season! In no paticular order ;)

My new Camera that should be arriving any day now! Lumix 18x The camera I have now works when it feels like it... Its 4 yrs old and I've grown out of it.

My current project. Upsidedown Hourglass Sweater

Sweet Alyssum Shawl (took me only 10 days)

New Mama Llama Colorway "Permafrost"

FO , Nordic Lights

Swap Gift from Down under!

The most awesome Christmas gift EVER! My favorite TV show Three Sheets , Pleepleus Shirt, and first sean on DVD. Zane Lamprey is the funniest drunk guy ever!

FO My moms slippers......Finished these in 2 days.....

Trunks Show, me and Janet (Twisted Knitter)

Hillard's special Gift. He actually asked for this for Christmas. He spoke the words "I want"!

Fingerless Swap gift from Bernadette @ hookedonknitting.blogspot.com

Annual Family Christmas Eve party

More family at Christmas eve. See my twin sister sitting on my handsome hubby :)

Brandon tearing into those long awaited Gifts!

Trunk show: These women traveled a LONG way to see the trunk show! so awesome to meet them :)

FO, Amanda's mini Cardi!

Thats Dec. in a nutshell. I still have a lot of promised things to mail out and I'm a bit bogged down, just wanted to let you guys know I am actually alive and healthy!