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Monday, March 27, 2006

Show Your Spirit!

I have a friend, Amy... You all know that she and Sheryl will be opening a yarn store next week....When showing knitting Spirit she is definitely the first person that comes to mind! She has purchased many cool t-shirts that forever display her undying love for her favorite hobby and now, business! So what was this little story about? How I show my knitting Spirit!!

Granted it isn't much but it's a start ;) So how do you show your love for knitting? What's your Spirit? Is it just simply knitting in public or do you have some sort of paraphinela that displays it? I want to know! And see it!

Your mission for the Month of April is to decide the best way you show your knitting Spirit and blog it! It can be any type of tribute, lets face it we are all crazy about knitting and want to share the love..... When you do blog about it please email me (catherinekerth AT hotmail DOT com) and let me know so I can make sure to announce it so others can read it. Please put Knitting Spirit in the subject of the email so it doesn't get lost :).
I will make room on my left side bar for your name and link the Spirit post..
Then your name will be added to the random drawing. At the end of the month I will put together a goodie bag from Yarntopia...Amy and Sheryl's new store....And send it to the name that is randomly drawn.....

I am hoping to get a lot of response to this and would like to give more prizes... If you are a retailer or Etsy shop owner and would like to donate or give a discount to other randomly drawn names please email me and I will ADVERTISE your Generosity!
catherinekerth AT hotmail DOT com

Show some Sock Spirit!
Hey guys, I'm really overwhelmed by what socks to knit next and I need your help! Please view all the choices by clicking the links below and then VOTE in the following poll :)
Here are the choices:
1. Thuja
2. Cascading Leaves Sock by Jeanie Townsend KAL
3. Vintage Socks, Bed Sock
4. Mata Hari Lace Socks

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stalkin' the Mail Carrier!

Hey you guys! I have been reading my blogines but for some reason was not able to leave comments! Ekkk... That really chaps my hide b/c now I can't remember who I read and didn't comment! Okay off my mini-rant ;)

So I have felt especially blessed these past few days b/c the mailman has brought such beautiful goodies! This Cherry Tree Hill is from Jenn. I would have never bought it myself and she surprised me with it on Friday! Can you believe the beauty of this yarn? It is the DK silk in color: serengeti. I am going to make the Lace leaf shawl by fiber trends with this blissful yarn!

That very same day I got another care package from jenn containing sock yarn and goodies for the kiddos.. Here is the sock yarn... Seal Rock (Socks that Rock, medium weight) And some sock yarn and a pattern from a kit club she is in... This pink and grey yarn is SUPER SOFT!!!!

I joined the candy swap and got some really good candy! straight from MD! Christina surprised me with these local yum yums and a day later most of it is gone....

Look what arrived! My STR club package... I signed up for the year so I got a binder with their logo on it and some extra stuff inside with the pattern! The yarn is their light weight and it is called Rainforest.... Can't wait to make the socks! I joined the KAL for the rockin' sock club... Seems like it will be fun.

I finally broke down and purchased a swift! My husband think sit is a pretty handy little contraption, and i borrowed a ball winder from a friend... Now if I could just get the time to wind all my yarn without the kids sticking their hands in the swift while its turning !

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Somethings A'foot!

Hey everyone how is it going? a lot has happened this week, and I had planned to mention a ton of things in my next post! Well, forgot most of it.... Seems like the only thing that sticks in my brain lately are the tangible things :) I have a serious case of Mommy Mush Brain! Here are my Socl Pal's Sock, a work in progress! There are plenty of mishaps in it... luckily there are mostly in the sole at the heel..kept getting really lose stitches! One mistake isn't too noticible at first glance but my middle line is off center for about 1/4th of an inch! I couldn't bare going back so I compensated. Without further ado.......

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

A stash revisted! Notice how I am focused on Lace and Sock yarn! This is purely yarn porn with no apperent purpose other than a mom's pride:)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Last but not least we have a new pattern that I am making up as I go for a quick knit pair of STR sock for the twin sis! I don't like the back of the low sock but the front rocks my world! Lovin' that purl and slip stitch combo!

No news about Chris yet... Thank you all for your concern and well wishes, means a lot to both of us :)

I got My postcard from my swap partner in Lolly's Project Spectrum! it is Laura fro Affiknitty itsn't it pretty? I LOVE IT! I it is hanging on my refrigerater right now :)

New blog discovered! I was looking up jaywalkers on other blogs and discovered this lovely woman who never has any comments! very surprising with her talents! ;) Make sure to stop by her blog and show her how nice we all are!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Birch is a WRAP!

Yep folks, she is a thick scarf or a wrap... You choose! What went wrong? For some reason my super scientific methods (a.k.a a lot of markers to hold count)got really messed up and I decided to cast off. Birch is really beautiful and ripping her was out of the question! I don't rip mohair with a good conscious ;) So here she is...

I started the Jaywalkers from Lornas Laces for my Sock pal! yeah, the ribbing is finally done and I am starting the zig zag pattern now. Not to much progress on it so I will give pics next post! By the way I LOVE lornas laces sock yarn! it doesn't even feel like wool!

Kpixie has their second order up on the website already! I am so excited. They sold so well last week that they requested more and the shipment must have arrived today :)

On a worrisome note Chris's marrow donation has been put on hold for now.... They found something wrong with his liver and he needs to be assessed further before he can donate his stem cells....They found a cyst in his liver so I am not sure if or when they will biopsy.......

y'all keep it cool!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Crafty Cath!

So the 1st of March marked Lolly's Project Spectrum...This month is going to be my favorite b/c it focuses on my two favorite colors... Okay lets be truthful I have a ton of fav. Colors! I was making stitch markers for my next order and couldn't help but notice the pinks and reds I use..Pardon the dark photos I had to take them in a bad spot b/c Brandon is convinced that the pretty colorful beads are CANDY!.... I have a postcard pal and I am working on her postcard this weekend ;)
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I promised a birch update and here she is in all her beauty! I am going to be a shawl and sock maniac! Sound familiar Jenn? I am several repeats into the pattern and on my second ball of kidsilk haze.. I am hopeful that by next weekend I will be finishing up..

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I broke down and finally got Dani's huge superwash skein colorway "cactus". I had been drooling over this in her Etsy shop for weeks! It is 570 yds b/w sport and fingering weights. Of course I will be making this with it ;)
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I have chosen a pattern for my sock pal to go with the pretty Lornas Laces china blue yarn... I have chosen to knit her jaywalkers. I have always wanted to try this pattern and many of you have already knit them and loved it. They don't need to be finished until the end of April so I still have some time, cast on will be this week.

Thats all that is going on around here crafty wise! Keep cool you guys ;)

Thursday, March 02, 2006


okay, i was going on Kpixie to look for some karabella mohair and what did my eyes see on the "what's new" side bar photo? Mama Llama stitch markers! I was really happy when they started carrying heathers sock yarn and roving too... she has such bright colorways......okay, this wasn't a shameless plug post! i am writing again tonight with birch progress photos!