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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Moving right along.

I felted my bag again. I went to my first stitch n bitch and had a good time. I learned that I can felt my bag again, so I threw it in the wash and it just keeps getting better:)

I am moving right along on the cabled scarf. I was just reading the book stich n bitch and came upon the section where she describes all the knitters attitudes. I think you can describe me as the first two on the list. I want to knit hard things just to see if I can do it i.e. the cabled scarf, But on some projects I just want to wear the item and need instant gratification. I have a hard time deciding on projects myself so I end up copying a lot from my very good friend in the mountains:) KnitWit Mamma is so good to put up with me! In May I finally get to visit her and her family. She has a lot to still teach me.

For my next project I am making a tank top, after that I want to try my hand at lacing and socks. I just want to keep challenging myself, just feels so good to have a hard project done and think I DID THAT!

No pics this time I am about 6 to 7 inches into the scarf and still have a long way to go. The alpaca and silk feels so good with this pattern, I will probably use this stuff a lot:)


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