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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Inquiring Minds want to Know!

Okay, y'all have got to help me out here! My husband and I were sitting on the couch poking fun at one another and he pinched my nose.. At that time I flared my nostrils... My nostrils are pretty stong but his fingers won and I had to breathe through my mouth ;-0 Chris can't "flare" his nostrils at all! So we want to know how many people can and how many people can't... This is a strange poll to take but please answer honestly so we can put this argument to rest. I think I am going to place a bet on this one! Just comment... please answer for as many family members you have in your household.

I have very little progress on Boogie. I was hoping to have him done by Saturday!

Here is another project I am working on (thanks to Brynne) it is called Panta... Look on the right hand side for the KAL link. I am making this out of Noro Silver Thaw for my twin sister... our birthday is on Feb. 4th! eeek, 32 is coming up fast :)

MEME 5 quirks
Martha tagged me for this and i can't think of things right now so I will save it for next post!

Sockapaloooza is here and I signed up! I am so excited to start knitting! yeah!!! Did you see on my right hand tool bar how many KAL's I am signed up for? eeek! I stated my birch Shawl so I posted pictures to the Any Shawl will Do blog if you want to see it!
And I am excited about Pantaand Whats your skein!

MEME! Got tagged by Jenn and Lanie for this one:
4 jobs you have had in your life
First job was at MJDesigns (that's a craft store for all you west coasters)
Assistant Manager at Papyrus
Receptionist at Big Oil and Tire (That's how I met Cath)
The best job in the world.... MOM

4 movies you could watch over & over
Big fat Greek Wedding
Trading Places

4 places you have lived
Lafayette LA
Ocean Spings MA
Blue Lake CA
Houston TX

4 TV shows you love to watch
CSI Miami
According to Jim
Yes Dear

4 places you have been on vacation
Lav Vegas
Disney World

4 websites you visit daily
Yarn shops

4 of your favorite foods
Breakfast items

4 places you would rather be right now
Las Vegas
Lake Tahoe
Yarntopia ;) (amy's & sheyl's store)

4 bloggers you are tagging
Ummm anyone who hasn't done this? everyone I read has done it!

Later you's guys !


Blogger Shelley said...

I can flare my nostrils...not sure about the rest of the family though lol.

5:53 AM  
Blogger amandamonkey said...

I can do a slight flare.

5:55 AM  
Blogger Lolly said...

Panta is such a pretty knit!! Love that yarn.

Kris and I can both flare our nostrils :)

7:04 AM  
Blogger candsmom said...

You know, I can flare my nostrils so I just assumed everyone could, but after "testing" my DH just now, I found out that he couldn't! Hmm, must be some kind of genetic thing or something. ;-) I tried to see if my 4 yr. old son could, but I don't think he really understood what I meant. ;-) Your sister's Panta looks wonderful in that Noro colorway- I'm sure she'll love it. How neat to have a twin!! Looking forward to seeing your Birch! Take care! :-)

10:20 PM  
Anonymous wendy g said...

I can't flare my nostrils. I love the yarn for your Panta and the Skeinalong sounds like fun too.

6:12 AM  

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