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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Moving right along!

The kids woke up well!!! Yeah what a great morning, I didn't have to sterelize sheets or rooms or toys! I didn't even bathe my boys today:) they got enough showers and baths this week to last them a liftime:) We had a great day, went to my parents to visit my niece that came to town. Hillard played in the baby pool for three hours! This Afternoon we went to Chris's moms and swam in her pool for a couple of hours. That counts as a bath, right? Brandon is cutting some molars; cranky but still the happiest baby alive!! I have gone 3 more inches in Tempting and getting very excited about finishing next weekend! I will have to post pics next time of progress on my second sock as well, it is going strong. Jenn lead me to the yahoo group for the magic loop and the people are so friendly! I met this wonderful woman and she has step by step instructions for making two socks at once! LOVE this idea! Today at my moms we all fondled my stash and looked at patterns, this gave me an idea of who liked what so I can go from there for Christmas. Can't reveal too much, they read this blog!!!!


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