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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Secret Pal strikes without warning:)

First order of business, the first sleeve of tempting!  like it? I had to frog it!!!!!!!!  I read the pattern wrong, and had too few stitches on my needle.  I really didn't mind having to do it again though, whats wrong with me?  Notice the cute stitch marker that i got from my bead it pal Michelle?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here it is my first package from my first Secret Pal ever!!!  I said in my questionaire that I always wanted to try spinning.  Here is my chance.  My SP is an avid sock knitter and a Spinner as well.  She sent me the "Spin It" book, roving (non-dyed) , and a handspindle that she made herself.  I have to say I love this and the handspindle is perfect!  I have yet to actually try it out but it has good weight and balance for me.  She mentioned in her note that she didn't know if I was interested in dying and the answer is YES!!!!!!  I want to order some of that sock yarn from knit picks and give dying a try:)  Maybe I will just dye this yarn that Ispin?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Date night was great, and we came home early to knit, watch a movie,and play computer games.  You can figure out who did what:)  I think Chris loves the fact that I found such a gratifying hobby that is also very time consuming; so he can play all the video games he wants and I don't get mad or lonely.  Actually he sometimes asks me to drop the needles and talk to him more:)!!!!!!!


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