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Friday, July 08, 2005

I Can take Dennis on!!!!!

Well, this post has no pics so if your willing to read w/o them carry on:) As most of the country knows there is a category 4 hurricane hurrdling towards the central gulf coast.... Some of you already know that Chris and I have extended family living in New Orleans and Lafayette, LA. Guess where they are evacuting?????? Houston! Some of them were just here for the fouth of July and they will probably be returning to Katy for a Hurricane Party! Last September they came for the same reason when Ivan ravaged the coast....Luckily Gavelston and Houston are not in the forecast to be effected by Dennis. I have been in (three) too many hurricanes and I would like to avoid another if possible:)

Good news on the job front, I quite my job taking very good care of my sisters children and applied at the library. Before I was married with kids I worked in the library for several years and can't wait to do it again! I hope to hear word about interviewing soon.
Brandon is soooo close to walking it isn't funny. he took 12 steps today w/o falling! My freedom days are over ladies!!!! I am so proud of him. His new favorite game is to show people (strangers) his belly button, this is big fun to him:) 13 months is a cute age.....

Knitting stuff: as you know Tempting is done and Carmen will model this weekend! Don't worry I will make sure to take pics!!! I am almost finished with "The long Awaited Hat" and my parents other sock....I will have pics of them next posting with the lovely tempting modeled my remarkably cute TWIN sister:)
Thanks all you guys for commenting your congrats, each of ya'll made me smile!


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