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Friday, August 26, 2005

No Catch Phrase?

Couldn't think of anything spicy to head this post....I will think of something after I hit "Publish" I'm sure:) I have a bunch of stuff I am working on; Kool-aid socks just about done, Hourglass sweater coming along, finished a preemie hat, and there is that cabled Irish hiking scarf that lingers! My camera is out of juice so no eye candy today :( I received my first package from a stitch marker swapper! Yeah!!! I was getting pretty worried there...She is extremely talented! It is the cutest; a sheep charm and pink beads...How did she know that I also LOVE pink? I will post her blog and a pic next time.... Remember the Jawoll sock yarn I got from my wonderful SP5? It is being put to good use now... I decided to double it and make preemie stuff with it. Anyone want a health update? I went for my Stress Test on Wed. And of course the they induced the "extra heartbeat" so now they have pictures of my heart and a better understanding of what happens when it plagues me.... So will someone please explain it to me:) No really, they will call me next week and we will go from there...My meds are controlling it for now. (I can't get excited, nervous, or exercise) That is it for now, I feel a little stretched... This week has been kinda hard on me and I have neglected blogging and knitting, maybe that's why it was so hard:) have a good weekend.


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