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Monday, September 19, 2005

I-cord or I-crap?

Yes folks you heard me! Absolute I-Crap!!!! The first time I have ever done I-cord and it looks terrible! Some poor little preemie is gonna stick out like a soar thumb in the NICU! I am hopeful practice makes perrrrfect....There is a lot of love in that hat and I can't wait to finish the five I plan to do. It is suppose to be a cute pumpkin hat but I have no clue how to crochet the leaves....Anyone have a pattern for a small leaf? Please send in a hurry:)

I got tagged by Dani
Ten Years Ago:I was at LSU meeting Chris for the first time:)
Five Years Ago: proud mother of hillard just moved from Arcata, Ca...!
One Year Ago: Exactly what I do now, but I hadn't discovered the joys of knitting and blogging yet:)
Five Snacks: Pretzels, sunflower seeds, bowl of fruity pebbles or fruit loops,take five candy bar...pretzels?
Five Songs I know all the words to: anything by MTX (Mr. T. Experience) Brain Stew (green Day)
Five Things I would do with $100 Million: pay off bills and give to fam. and friends... invest the rest!!!!!
Five places to run away to: australia, UK, South Africa, any place else they speak english:)
Five Things I would never wear: thong undies, hot pants, go go boots, red lipstick, busy clothing....
Five Favorite shows: LOST!!!!! CSI Miami, ABC afternoon Soaps, Desp. Housewives
Five Biggest Joys: My hubby, My children, My knitting, My family, My friends
Five Favorite Toys: Knitting,......?
MAIL CALL!!!! I had to edit my post b/c I got goodies in the mail:) This first one I won off of ebay"tropical Knitter" all the way from Singapore... Got 4 addi 40" for 37 dollars!!!!!

And this is from Romy!!! What a great RAOK:) Thanks Romy girl...What can I make with this yummy yarn!!! I love it maybe a shawl?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Blogger Debbie said...

It doesn't look so bad to me. There's a leaf pattern here: http://knitting.about.com/library/blpumpkinleaf.htm

9:18 PM  

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