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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Go Tigers!

Okay, you guys may know it or not but I went to LSU...I had to get festive this season since I have a blog. I have been very busy pairing people up for the second needle exchange that I am hosting so knitting has been put aside for now. I plan to make up time while watching the LSU and Arizona game tonight. My Airy scarf is going well I should be finished any day now , and my sock is almost done! I ran in to a problem when I started decreasing the gusset...Chris had mentioned before that the sock looked really big and I just kind of nodded my head...He is right! Found out the gauge is suppose to be 9 stitches/inch, I have 6.5 stitches/inch....eeek! guess they will have to be house socks for my sister, unless she wants to buy all of her shoes one size up:)

I have started on my Preemie Project hats and I am anxious about the way the first will turn out. I have to admit I have never done I-Cord before...I figure if I can do lace and socks, I can do I-cord!!!

Something funny is going on with my hand when I knit...My hand goes totally numb, and I mean numb! It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to make me think twice before I pick up those needles. Any suggestions?
I will post my FO's very soon:)


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