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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Good things to come....

It seems that just maybe the disater is beginning to organize, and things can get moving to rebuild...Therefore, I have moved on and I am looking forward into the future and not looking back! I feel as though I have a great oppurtunity a head of me. My church and others in the greater Houston area are hosting 7,000 to 10,000 people in the George R Brown Conv. Center (GRB). FEMA will not be taking finacial responsibility, the churches and the congregations are. Everyone is encouraged to get Red Cross trained and help serve... So I think I may have to jump on this opp. I would love to help.. If you want more info about what Houstonians are doing for their neighbors click this link.
You may wonder what I am knitting now? I missed the socks that I finished last week so much that I started a new pair:) Mind you, I have 3 WIP's already, but I truly love socks! I am using the Waving Lace pattern that Jenn has just finished for her sock pal... Here are the pics I took this morning...I have another repeat done as of tomight!

The sock yarn I am using is by Blue Moon Fiber Arts...It is also known as "Socks that Rock" the colorway is Sedona. The prices and yardage have changed: you get around 350 yds for $16 now....
Rox has just written me today to tell me I am the winner of 2 auctions she's hosting. Both scarves are very pretty and I can't wait to get them..Did I mention all of the Funds go to Hurricane Relief? If you have some knitted goodies that you want to donate to be auctioned, or if you want to bid on some of the great stuff here is the link.
Good Luck and have a great holiday!


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