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Thursday, September 01, 2005


So here they are!! The Kool-Aid Scoks are finished:) I finished them while watching the all day coverage of Katrina.... More on that later!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
here is some yarn I got from my SP! Finally found out who she is!!! here is her blog. blog.Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Sorry for the fuzzy pic, but i had eaten and used everything since yesterday... she spent a lot of time at Adamsfamilyfarm.com this summer spinning and knitting...so she picked some stuff up for me too:)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now on to Katrina...I have so much to say, it is really hitting close to home for me and my family!  First you all know my last post I said everyone was fine. well, that's before the second leavee breech and now everyone is still fine and evacuated but they have no homes to return too, no jobs to return too, absolutely NOTHING. I haven't heard from the ones camping out in Alexandria, LA... but the ones here are here to stay for a while...they are staying with my mother-in-law...
Second I found footage of my childhood town Ocean Springs MS...It was absolutely demolished! here is the link so you can see the footage for yourself.. when you click the link look for "Skycoptor on the coast, Second Tour" link here. This will show you the Gautier, Ocean Springs and Biloxi areas....
Third, there are people starving to death and we are watching them die right infront of us, ON CAMERA!!!! I have been crying a lot today and yesterday, especially when I see the hungery, thirsty babies and children... My husband spent a few yearsin the city of N.O.lived  next to UNO so his mom could finish college.. so he has fond memories of living there with his extended family....
Chris and I went to LSU in BR and took frequent trips (like all LSU students) to the party city...Heck chris only went for the muffelatas from Central Grocery!!! Luckily Central Grocery is in the French Quater so it is higher than the rest of the city, but I will bet you it has already been destroyed by looters....Looters; don't even get me started.  I see people looting grocery stores, thats okay they need to survive!!! But making off with a big screen TV??? What are ya gonna do with that?  Can't sell that on ebay, and their is no power in the city incase you haven't noticed FOOL!!!

Sorry to be such a whiner! But Chris and I are devestated, and we count our blessings that we live here in Houston and can help......Houston is really doing all they can to make the refugees feel welcomed... The school districts are enrolling the children, resturants are giving free food,Astroworld (six flags) is letting  refugees in for free, and now they can get Texas food stamps and free gas....The Astrodome will hold a lot of the people, but for how long? We are empting our pantry and closet tonight to donate to  the local shelters... thanks for listening:)


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